bad products and services people said never again | zaagan-daas More Dollar Tree shredded cheese. Just. Don't. Please don't be like and try NitroTitan 16.0k points 2 days ago dollar store my area has $1 steaks can't imagine trusting 1 steak not kill

Things People Bought and Said "Never Again"

Hindsight is spending more on cheese.
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Choosing beggar claims that knife has wrong energy, and tries to return it | Hello. Hope are well am afraid would like return knife and get full refund. Thank Hello Daniela! Can please tell exactly is wrong with knife? Just want know did wrong.

Choosing Beggar Claims Knife Has Wrong Energy, Tries To Return It

Nice try, but no.
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Choosing beggar demands extra, and it backfires terribly | Sorry not best pics but if have an idea might want can give price quote! My dog died and l'd like paw print sorry hear Do have design mind? No hoping could make something. Sure, are thinking putting this on car have white vinyl usually charge make design but can do part free just have pay vinyl and shipping cost. Yes. On back our Range Rover is white so white would be good.

Entitled Customer Demands Free Stuff, Gets Extra

They just had to take it further.
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A choosing beggar takes lowballing to a whole new extreme | Hey is sofa set still available? Hi, yes 's available is condition firm are seats?

Choosing Beggar Takes Lowballing To New Extreme

No, no, get out of here with that.
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entitled people and their rude demands | been blocked by this user Hi Verified with Somerville interested! will be around next week can meet halfway? Cambridge Yes still sale 5 cheese grater need come where am Fuck off

The Absurd Demands of Entitled People

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be bold.
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A groom is extremely picky when it comes to cars being offered to him to borrow | FL Looking borrow car my wedding day. 12/28 will be needing 2 pm- 8 pm. Thank Haha Comment Share 00= 41 can borrow my tesla if want 2h Like Reply have picture?

Groomzilla Is The Choosiest Of Beggars

Guess the free BMW wasn't enough.
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A choosing beggar offers up cool vibes in exchange for a free place | Hi my name isl Es young, independent photographer/insta baddie looking move cosy place long term with couple house mates. My job is between busy patches so naturally wouldn't be able pay rent. But more than make up this with doing dishes, cleaning house, and providing everyone with fun cool vibe couple rules:

Choosing Beggar Offers Rad Vibes For Free Place

Nah, not gonna work, my dude.
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Woman demands that her old roommates give her back the fridge that she sold to them | Hey claudia ru doing all good about Melissa has friend need fridge were wondering if u still have second one she might want give him SEP. 11 AT 9:36 P.M. damn thought bought guys?

Woman Sells Fridge To Old Roomies, Demands Fridge Back A Year Later

She's not asking but telling.
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ridiculous entitled people with excessive demands | Hello, is this still available? Hi, yep is. However do have an interested buyer let know! If they decide not will contact and let know. Thanks heaps keen Will pay $800 if have 19:27 Hi mate. Looks like might be luck. There another buyer before however if happy with $800 's yours. Okay well buyer pulled out then l'll only pay 650 800 offer u ignore him Hi mate, thv haven't pulled out l'm J Josition now where can pick who goes

Entitled People and Their Delusional Demands

Cool dude, great plan.
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Choosing beggar offers exposure for $30K sapphire, gets rejected, makes threats | Would be willing do trade have over 30O followers and could market would get tons exposure and many my followers are top elite people with lots money gemstones O Message

Choosing Beggar Offers Exposure For $30K Sapphire, Gets Rejected, Makes Threats

Exposure is not payment.
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A choosing beggar asks for the lowest price on a Macbook, and gets trolled | Today 8:45 PM Hey man still have MacBook Pro? Yeah 's lowest take? Lowest go is $700

Choosing Beggar's Request Lands Them At Comedy Club

A joke indeed.
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entitled people with ridiculous demands | Hey am looking 2-5 horses borrow weekend(3 days, 2 nights trail riding camping trip. Need be able borrow tack as many horses as well as food whole trip. Will take great care them and give them bath if wanted!(at own place) Would take great care them as if they wre our own and looking spend little no money could show pics where horses would be staying as well. Also needing borrow trailer little no money as well same amount horses. Thanks advance.

Entitled People and Their Ludicrous Expectations

Who demands stuff like this?
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A choosing beggar demands a free VCR, but only if it's new | Hi all anyone have VCR they can let have? Mine broke and need record tv CB shows watch later. thanks. Hi know there's more modern technology can use, right But have VCR/DVD player combo! Yours 20 but have pick up. Thanks but said "let have And will* let have 20

Choosing Beggar Demands Free VCR, But Only If It's New

Not gonna work out, buddy.
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A choosing beggar can't grasp what the meaning of a deposit is | Hey need cancel today not feeling well, thanks so sorry hear Thank letting know can reschedule at different time. Thanks u can just send my deposit back through PayPal or Venmo

Choosing Beggar Doesn't Grasp Meaning Of Deposit

Get out of here with that.
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Entitled people and their demands | WHATSAPP 3m ago Netflix expires tomorrow know aint talking and shit but could please just renew ?

Entitled People and Their Demanding Boldness

What incredible nerve.
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An entitled woman expects free ice cream, and ends up being served petty spite indeed | run an ice cream truck on side earn cash. Normally park tourist hot spots during peak hours. Today young girl ran up my truck and told her mother she wanted an ice cream mother told her no as she didn't have any money girl really cute and seemed excited so offered mum free ice cream as spur moment thing. Girl happy, mum happy happy they were happy.

Entitled Woman Expects Free Ice Cream, Petty Spite Ensues

So it freaking goes.
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