A stranger wants a custom wedding order as a gift.

Entitled Stranger Expects Custom Wedding Order As A Gift

Just a tad bit delusional.
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A choosy beggar attempts to severely lowball a wedding caterer, and fails miserably.

Choosy Beggar Tries To Severely Lowball Wedding Caterer

Enough with all of that cheap talk.
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A dense choosing beggar won't grasp the meaning of rejection.

Dense Choosy Beggar Won't Grasp Meaning Of Rejection

Keep up, my dude.
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A choosing beggar tries to haggle over an artist's reasonable pricing, gets rejected, and then turns mean.

Choosing Beggar Tries To Haggle Over Artist's Pricing, Gets Rejected, Turns Nasty

The "no wait" at the end though.
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A choosy beggar gets upset over her brother giving her free HBO.

Choosy Beggar Pitches Fit Over Getting Free HBO From Her Brother

The audacity on this one is beyond comprehension.
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An entitled girl expects a 60% discount on Offerup.

Girl Expects 60% Discount On Offerup

Absolutely ridiculous.
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Customer decides to not tip their waitress because they learned their waitress won the lottery.

Customer Doesn't Tip Waitress Because Waitress Won The Lottery

Plain old completely not cool.
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A choosy beggar wants 22 homework assignments done before payment.

Choosy Beggar Wants Homework Assignments Done Before Payment

Definitely fishy.
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A choosing beggar assumes helpful stranger will pay for new computer.

Choosing Beggar Asks For Computer Help, Assumes Stranger Will Pay For It

That spiraled out of control quickly.
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entitled people and stupid demands

Entitled Folks And Their Never-Ending Demands

So reasonable and level-headed.
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A choosy beggar expects a seller to Uber a game to them.

Choosy Beggar Expects Seller To Uber Game To Them

Some people refuse to get a clue.
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absurd entitled people and their demands

Entitled People And Their Absurdly Irrational Demands

What a nightmare.
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A choosing beggar tries to get a $300 course for free, and fails miserably.

Choosy Beggar Legit Tries To Buy $300 Course For Free

Get a load of this dude.
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A choosing beggar expects their A/C unit to be delivered for free, and gets rejected | Is really free? Is still available accepted request is still available and yes 's free because can't carry this 120lb thing by myself lol But there is another person who messaged before did, so let give her opportunity first and will get back Let's keep our fingers crossed! ok am single mother and could really use right now. Can have Hello will give her opportunity until tomorrow and if don't hear back her

Choosing Beggar Expects Free A/C To Be Delivered, Gets Rejected

The whole free package was just too much.
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good cheap things that got ruined by rich people

Good Stuff That Got Ruined By Money and Popularity

This is why we can't have nice things.
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Customer complains about a cheap taco, and then the owner sets the customer straight.

Customer Complains About Cheap Taco, Owner Sets Customer Straight

We're talking about a dollar taco here, dude.
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