A collection of funny tweets from Ryan Reynolds on Twitter | Ryan Reynolds @VancityReynolds Nothing better than spending an entire morning staring into my baby daughter's eyes, whispering can't do this

Comedy Gold From Twitter King, Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds always delivers.
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Tom Cruise weird Scientology video cringe

Tom Cruise's Infamously Awkward Scientology Video

Oh man, Tom.
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Simon Pegg makes fun of Benedict Cumberbatch

Simon Pegg Ruthlessly Roasts Benedict Cumberbatch

Zero punches pulled in the crafting of this roast.
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Funny tumblr post on Snoop Dogg's wholesomeness | @veryfunnymemes @hrtablaze This guy is making fun Kanye West guy bakes cookies on tv but pretends be gangster _ShamGod There is whole generation people who don't remember Snoop on trial murder world.

Tumblr Thread: Snoop Dogg Appreciation

You've gotta be careful around Martha.
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Twitter reacts to Jonah Hill's unexpected coffee carrying method | jocelyn @deadlilbird inspiring jonah hill still carries coffee like this, he hasn't learned incident, thus he is an everyman Jonah Hill with pink hair and airpods dressed in a colorful tie dye shirt Lithmania and shorts carrying coffee cup by the lid

Jonah Hill's Coffee Carrying Method Alarms Twitter

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Kanye West Dave Chapelle cringe video

Kanye West Trying To Get Dave Chapelle To Tell Jokes

Dave, make a funny.
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Zach Galifanakis KlND OF A FUNNY STORY

Zach Galifanakis Uncomfortably Interviewed

What an interview.
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lord of the rings cast reunion on zoom elijah wood ian mckellen orlando bloom

The Lord Of The Rings Cast Reunites On Zoom

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An important Twitter thread breaks down living with depression | Andy Richter O @AndyRichter Quote-responding this tweet may seem like shooting fish barrel yet is 30 mins later have pulled over after school drop-off respond further because l am angry.

Important Twitter Thread On Living With Depression

No, depression is not a choice.
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Twitter thread on Carl Reiner | Matthew Rosenberg O @AshcanPress HERER have Carl Reiner story hold very dear figured l'd share today, on day his passing, because hope will bring some other people some joy way does

Twitter Thread: Awesome Story About Carl Reiner

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Ryan Reynolds trolling the X men cast prank

Ryan Reynolds Trolls X-Men Cast

Deadpool strikes again.
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People that knew celebs before they were famous share their stories | Patrick_B8man 1d My father is long haul trucker, knew James Cameron his 20s he trucker too. Said guy always insanely smart and would go out and basically take every engine apart and put back together so if needed rig fixing and he around search him out. They stayed friends and actually got visit him LA over Xmas once, now live Europe so don't think they talk much, but he's really smart, and intense, although not expected him b

AskReddit Thread: People That Knew Celebs Before They Were Famous

Real or not these were fun.
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Terry Crews builds a computer himself

Terry Crews Explains Why He Built His Own PC

Terry Crews is a national treasure.
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Rami Malek Touches Jimmy Fallon

Rami Malek Touches Jimmy Fallon's Hand, Cringe Ensues

Jimmy took a break from all those laughs.
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A story about Keanu Reeves being an awesome person at a movie theatre | James Dator @James_Dator honor John Wick 3 have Keanu Reeves story. 6:41 AM 17 May 19 Twitter iPhone 8,178 Retweets 21.3K Likes James Dator @James_Dator 23h Keanu came movie theater worked at Sydney 2001. He working on Matrix series at time s quiet, Wednesday morning almost nobody is seeing movies. 3 27 178 3,122 James Dator @James_Dator 23h working box office, bored as hell and suddenly this dude walks up jeans leather jack

Twitter Thread: Keanu Reeves Goes Full Keanu

What a gem of a human being.
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funny Chris Hemsworth roasting Scarlett Johansson

Chris Hemsworth Roasts Scarlett Johansson To Oblivion

It was just a game.
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