Mark Hamill does an impression of Harrison Ford

Mark Hamill's Impression Of Harrison Ford Is On Point

He's channeling the force.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt paparazzi incident

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Turns Camera Back On Aggressive Paparazzi

What a classic.
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People describe their nicest or most unpleasant encounters with celebs | WatchTheBoom 20h 2 Awards ran into Adam Sandler outside Planet Fitness Brooklyn early 2016. As leaving Planet Fitness looked like he walking made eye contact, so stopped and held door him. He got door and stopped right before he walked through one those fake poses little kids make tell them freeze stood there holding door, plenty confused about five seconds just stood there- him, motionless and standing there holding door.

People's Really Nice Or Horrible Celeb Encounters

Paul Rudd sounds like a great dude.
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Video of different celebrities claiming Stevie Wonder can see.

Supercut of Celebrities Saying Stevie Wonder Can See

He keeps getting in cars.
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Ryan Reynolds shares a video about social distancing | Ryan Reynolds @VancityReynolds Another important message from an important celebrity. Let’s spread the word not the virus. I happily nominate,  @stevenpage   @Sethrogen  and  @TerryR49776917  #PlankTheCurve #StayAtHomeSaveLives

Ryan Reynolds Shares Social Distancing Video, Nominates Seth Rogen

Spread the word and not the virus.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger urging people to stay indoors coronavirus

Arnold Schwarzenegger Advises People To Take COVID-19 Seriously

Arnold is at home living his best life.
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A celebrity filled video of them singing "Imagine" ends up inspiring multiple parodies | Pablo S. Torre @PabloTorre Pls excuse while recruit dozen celebrities whisper-sing End" by Linkin Park into their cell phone cameras

Celeb-Filled "Imagine" Video Inspires Parodies

The reception by people on Twitter was across the board.
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Will Ferrel claims Big Chungus as his rap name

Will Ferrel Says Big Chungus

Thank you, Will Ferrell.
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Outtakes from Orson Welles acting in a Wine Commercial Bloopers.

The Time Drunk Orson Welles Did A Wine Commercial

A total classic.
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shaquille o'neal loses bet and has to grow hair

Shaq Loses Bet To Dwayne Wade, Has To Grow Out Hairline

At least Shaq saw the bet through.
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Field geophysicist identifies what kind of rock that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is | Mika McKinnon @mikamckinnon FAQ: Is @TheRock igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary d be rude examine his texture, so consider his origin path. He's evolved under immense pressure, dramatically changed yet never shattered, and doesn't explode even provoked. Metamorphic.

Twitter Thread: What Kind Of Rock Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Is

A field geophysicist took this task very seriously.
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actor hugh jackman former teacher recognizes student during red carpet interview

Wholesome Moment Hugh Jackman Recognizes Student He Taught

What a wonderful moment of wholesome goodness.
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Twitter users describe the fruits and veggies that they think they could throw the furthest | tweet by will WillWells95 Replying BaileyCarlin Celery Root should not be slept on

Fruits And Veggies People Could Throw The Farthest

People are getting into this.
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funny video of will Ferrel eats spicy hot wings and regrets it

Will Ferrel Attempts Hot Wings Challenge, Regrets Ensue

This is a gift.
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Ricky Gervais trolls the Oscars for its narcissism on Twitter by recommending his show | Ricky Gervais @rickygervais America! Binge-watch #AfterLife on @Netflix tonight s about man who realises humanity is disgusting, narcissistic plague, and so becomes angry depressed and loses will live. Or watch Oscars instead and actually experience those feelings first hand.

Ricky Gervais Selflessly Trolls Oscars Over Narcissism

Gervais was ready for tonight.
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Elon Musk releases an EDM song and people on Twitter react | photo of elon musk wearing headphones in a recording studio tweet by Elon Musk @elonmusk wrote lyrics performed vocals!!

Elon Musk Drops Song Called "Don't Doubt Ur Vibe"

Well that happened.
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