aita entitled parents mother parenting entitled entitled people celeb - 18502917

'Your entitlement is clouding your judgment': Mother calls celebrity rude for refusing to take a photo with her daughter, gets put in her place by the internet

It seems bizarre to think that you're entitled to a stranger's time — and that's exactly what's happening when you try to take a selfie with a celebrity. Whatever relationship you have with them is completely one-sided, they might be your “favorite,” but they — meanwhile — have no idea that you even exist. So when you rock up to them at their daughter's birthday party, demanding their attention, it's pretty safe to say that's going to go about as well — and be as well received — as it would wit…
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cook Kitchen Confidential chef service kitchen service industry celeb celebrity news celebrity twitter - 17872645

'Cut to an hour later, still no Olivia': Chef recalls their infuriating experience serving actress/director Olivia Wilde

Everywhere you look online at the moment has been littered with news about Oliva Wilde and her new film ‘Don’t Worry Darling' the film has been
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awesome language foreign language celeb Video viggo mortensen - 107458817

Viggo Mortensen Cooly Speaking Seven Languages

What a stud.
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humor ridiculous celeb pranks funny Video viggo mortensen - 107458561

Karl Urban's Infamous Prank On Viggo Mortensen

The commitment is heroic.
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humor wholesome tom hanks celeb funny Video win - 107436801

Tom Hanks Recognizes Old Bank Where He'd Cash Unemployment Checks

Things certainly turned around for Tom.
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Servers that have waited on celebs describe their experiences.

Servers That Have Waited On Celebs Share Their Experiences

Of course Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are cool.
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humor viral videos ridiculous celeb ryan reynolds funny Video Will Ferrell tiktok - 2715142

Will Ferrell Crashes Ryan Reynold's TikTok Performance

Ready for the duet album.
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FAIL cringe Awkward ashton kutcher ridiculous celeb football college football Video - 107402753

Ashton Kutcher's GameDay Appearance Gets Drowned Out By Obnoxious Fans

Wow, like come on.
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humor history movies interesting kevin costner celeb funny - 433927

Waterworld: Or In Defense of Rich Actor’s Insane Self-Funded Passion Project

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awesome celeb food delicious Video win - 107239681

Jon Favreau Makes Sinfully Delicious Looking Grilled Cheese

Oh wow, that's next level right there.
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humor movies ridiculous celeb ryan reynolds funny win - 107180033

Ryan Reynolds Drops Comedy Gold For Upcoming Movie, "Free Guy"

Ryan Reynolds does it again.
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woody harrelson clueless liam hemsworth ridiculous celeb funny Video - 107096065

Woody Harrelson Discovers Liam Hemsworth Is Chris Hemsworth's Brother

Welcome to the party, Woody.
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humor the office Economics interesting celeb conan obrien funny - 107032833

BJ Novak Explains Shrinkflation With Cadbury Eggs

Sir Novak is the hero that the world deserves.
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transformers cool peter cullen awesome movies interesting optimus prime celeb Video - 107017985

Peter Cullen Explains Creative Process Behind Optimus Prime Voice

Voice actors are terribly underrated.
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cringe Awkward ridiculous celeb Video - 106902785

Interviewer Is Way Too Hyped For Tommy Lee Jones

Very different energies from these two.
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humor nba matt damon ridiculous celeb basketball funny Mark Wahlberg - 106849793

Matt Damon Recounts Getting Yelled At With Mark Wahlberg During Lakers Game

A couple die hard fans.
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