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The Merriam-Webster Twitter Account is Has a Perfect Burn For You Disrespectful Millennials

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twitter stephen colbert Beef burn - 916997

Stephen Colbert Landed the Ultimate Mic Drop Moment During Martin Shkreli Beef on Twitter

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You Just Got Sproused

twitter disney burn - 8969601536
Via @dylansprouse

Apply Ice to Burned Area

failbook facebook burn - 8968047872

Ellie Goulding Has No Chill

twitter burn - 8967989760
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twitter list troll burn - 853765

Tesco Mobile's Ruthless Twitter Account Is Burning Everyone Who Dares to Disrespect

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twitter list staples burn win - 852229

Kris Jenner Is Trying to Sell a Necklace Made of Paperclips and Staples Just Won the Internet

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news failbook facebook troll Breaking News burn - 850437

BBC Facebook Burns Commenter For Questioning Validity of News Story

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Those Deep Cuts

relationships burn dating - 8802160128
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Girl Shuts down a Thirsty Facebook "Friend" with a Ruthless Burn

thirsty texting burn dating - 8802153984
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Burnt to a Crisp

twitter burn - 8800121600
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Cher Has Zero Chill

twitter donald trump burn cher - 8799301120
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A Moment of Silence for Sean

sex failbook facebook rip burn - 8796424448
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Where There's a Road, There's a Way

burn dating - 8795160320
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Maybe He Was Asking For It, Dressing Like Such a Douchey Politican

funny political image ted cruz aborts presidential nomination joke
Via @FullFrontalSamB

Hope this Helps

eyebrows failbook burn - 8792821248
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