burger king

Life's Better When You Wake Up With the King...

burger king seems legit - 6602080000

Hello, Yes This is Car

burger king car drive thru fast food McDonald's - 6596917504

Monday Thru Friday: Somewhere, A Man Named Donald King is Very Confused

burger king Close Enough McDonald's - 6567998720

Poorly Dressed: Betraying Your Company Loyalties I See?

burger king poorly dressed Ronald McDonald - 6526543360

Failbook: Accidental Stalker WIN

burger king failbook g rated stalker stalking - 6486874624
Created by Unknown

Engrish Funny: 'MURIKA!!!

america burger king cheese engrish funny g rated merica murica - 6423604736

Here at Burger King, We Take Our Flame-Broiled Whoppers Very Seriously

burger king burgers hamburger - 6402457856

He's Gone to the Pearly Gates in the Sky

burger king fast food McDonald's restaurant - 6275963392

FAIL Nation: Burger FAIL

burger king cheeseburger fail nation fast food g rated star wars - 6260129792

Want Fries With That?

burger king drive thru fast food receipt - 6215466752

Want Fries With That?

burger king drunk fries the king vodka - 6130860800
Created by ducktapeman55

The King Approves of Your Tomfoolery

burger king creepy Party the king - 5972988160

A Whopper of a FAIL

burger king failboat fast food g rated juxtaposition signs - 5334764288
See all captions Created by Hanafi

Fresh Ingredients FAIL

burger burger king failboat fast food food g rated sticker - 5257741568
See all captions Created by Corina Lara

A Quick Last-Minute Edit Was Needed for Some Reason

burger king drugs fast food food service now hiring sign - 5243770880

Closed on Sundays

burger king chick fil-a religion - 5116843264

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