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Guy live tweets super dramatic breakup at Burger King.

Guy's Intense Live Tweet of Dramatic Break Up at Burger King Is A Whopping Success

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Wendy's roasts Burger King on Twitter after a girl asks where she should take her date for dinner.

Wendy's Flame Grills Burger King On Twitter After Girl Asks For Dating Tip

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McDonald's burger king funny fast food - 9058754304
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FAIL burger king fast food Valentines day - 1554949

Burger King's Already Winning Valentine's Day By Giving Out 18+ Adults Happy Meals

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relationships breakup burger king dating - 1535237

King-Sized Moron Cooks Up a Whopper of a Problem After He Accidentally Admitted to Cheating on Burger King's Instagram

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Tweets from Fast Food Twitter Accounts That Are Brilliant Displays of Marketing Comedy Gold

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Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Unite to Enjoy Cheesy Tots Together

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FAIL technology fire phone korea burger king Video - 82957057

No Need to Bring Your Galaxy Note 7 to a Burger King, They Can Flame Broil Themselves

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recipe life hacks DIY food cheetos burger king Video win - 82542849

Don't Wait for Your Burger King to Carry Cheetos Chicken Fries, Make Them At Home Tonight

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Missing a Perfectly Good Opportunity to Be Called the Hamburgler Though

funny twitter image guy quits burger king job and steals all the nuggets
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vine work burger king fast food - 72252673

Knight to French Fry

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You Can't Spell Baked Without BK

burger king the king - 6120866048

Sometimes You Just Need That Royal Burger

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A Burger and a King Got Married, and Now BK is Paying for the Whole Wedding

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Feeling Like Royalty

poorly dressed crown burger king - 8437943808
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Looks Like Someone Is Drunk at Burger King

wtf drunk burger king funny - 8396457728
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