People describe the weirdest things they ever did for money | suicidalgrunty 2d 7th grade kid told if could learn move my fingers certain way he would pay 20. Took 2 days practicing my closet and did but never got money. Now show people this weird thing can do. Basically move pointer fingers, pointing at each other, around each other circle. But instead both moving forward, one moves towards and other moves away 95 people l've shown this can't do .

Weirdest Things People Did For Money

Money inspires all kinds of insanity.
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Tumblr thread explains why some places just feel plain bizarre | tootsie-roll-frankenstein Places where reality is bit altered any target churches texas abandoned 7/11's bedroom at 5 am hospitals at midnight warehouses smell like dust lighthouses with lights don't work anymore empty parking lots ponds and lakes suburban neighborhoods rooftops early morning inside dark cabinet reveille413 playgrounds at night rest stops on highways deep mountains

Tumblr Thread: Why Some Places Feel Strange

Liminal spaces are a trip.
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Dad sends wtf letter to guy for honor restitution years after relationship ends | Isaac N. @isaactweeting One of my best and oldest friends broke up with his high school girlfriend over a decade ago. Today, his wife of 7 years found this absolute ornament in their mailbox. Just...stop what you're doing and read...

Highschool Ex's Dad Demands Restitution for Daughter's Honor

Dear lord.
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Weird things people tried selling on the internet | Dublin BIKE market (used Bicycles Sale) 1 hour ago Chain saw bike €500 Dublin, Ireland Chainsaw bike sale works perfectly will have no problem cutting our way through traffic mornings | Bean burrito $50 Listed 5 minutes ago Bayville, NJ Send seller message Is this still available? Send Message Save Share More

Dumb Junk People Tried Selling Online

One man's trash is another man's trash.
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Escape room employees describe the weirdest stuff they've seen | LondonJam3116 17h 1 Award Someone dug through six tonnes sand on floor follow live electrical cable which she then tried chew through. Edit: this after being told multiple times there were no clues under sand.

Weirdest Stuff Escape Room Employees Have Seen

So many ways to fail.
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Twitter thread of strange house | Middle-Aged Rust Belt Voter @frazierapproves Ijust discovered greatest house listing all time starts out very unassuming and modest. | Then see yard and think "wow s somewhat surprising" 9:02 AM 5/18/20 Twitter iPhone

Unique House Listing Is Weird and Kind of Awesome

Now that's a home.
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A collection of images showing times that mannequins were misplaced. | couple walking hand in hand in a street looking at a sculpture that looks like a person with their head stuck inside a wall

Misplaced Mannequins That Messed With People's Brains

These would trip out most folks.
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A collection of ridiculous questions from people on Quora | If my neighbor's bees routinely steal pollen my flowers and make honey my neighbor profits selling, can sue them portion profit 7 Answer Follow Request More

Insane Quora Questions That Defied Expectations

Curiosity inspires some comedy gems.
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People describe the creepiest glitch in the matrix moments that they experienced | Adventuredepot 82d Removed painting wall during late evening cleaning, put away and returned wall see never before seen painting on same spot, put chill down my spine.

Creepiest Glitch In The Matrix Moments People Experienced

Welcome to the matrix.
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A collection of funny, random, and hilarious moments from people on Tumblr | tearlessrain realized bothers about skyrim horses' head tracking. normal horses don't look at head on because they see better side. which implies skyrim horses are predators. | spinel-is-baby y'all ever remember something extremely embarrassing and just feel horrible about fuuzis-trash-dump Pro Tip: Try think something embarrassing some else has done probably can't. Which means no one else remembers cringe thing did.

Random, Funny, And Weird Tumblr Moments

So many rabbit holes, so little time.
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Freaky, weird and bizarre cursed images | human shaped frozen chunk of ice stuck to the wall outside a window looking like a person standing | man shaving his beard using peanut butter and jelly instead of shaving cream and bread over his ears

Freaky Cursed Images to Just Feel Weird About

Explore the hallowed halls of the creepy and the weird.
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Strange stories of embarrassing and bizarre moments | UnderTails63 35.2k points 1 day ago edited 22 hours ago 2 S 6th grade one night like really don't feel like going school tomorrow, so looked up get fever found tutorial said take bath at hottest temperature bathtub will go, and then stay up all night decided try and started water steaming hot bath stung get and somehow survived 30 minutes getting out felt dizzy and then fell on floor and had seizure woke up and saw blinding ceiling lights

Weird Stories People Never Had A Chance To Tell

From stupid mistakes to crazy encounters.
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Girl freaks out at guy after being rejected and pretends she has a bodyguard team and that the guy stole her bracelet | text messages Jordan Yesterday 9:30 PM way out league physically, mentally emotionally can't even believe this right now Never my life

Model Chick Goes Psycho After Being Rejected

Oh boy, he dodged a bullet.
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Tweets from people talking about their favorite random facts | tweet by CK @la_natif Replying MsPackyetti Phenomena Doorway Effect forget reason enter different room retrieve reason, walk backwards w/o turning around can trigger memory.

Most Random "Facts" People Know (20 Tweets)

Nothing gets us going like totally random facts!
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A collection of AskReddit replies to the creepiest glitches people have experienced in the world | post by gninnep Lost my keys while over at friend's house and using spare almost week. Found them sitting driver's seat parked at my own place, miles away where lost them.

The Creepiest Glitches People Have Experienced

Nothing like a glitch in the matrix to turn your world upside down.
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A collection of bizarre things that we should leave behind in 2019 | tweet by xpocathomas #BizarreThingsToLeaveln2019 Everything buy coming with bunch extra trash wrapped around SELECTED BANANAS

Bizarre Things To Leave In 2019

It's time to leave the worst of it behind to make room for 2020's curveballs.
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