A funny Tumblr post about a strange customer gifting a pen to a Starbucks barista.

Tumblr Post: Starbucks Barista Encounters Real Life Mad Hatter

What a trip.
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bizarre ridiculous celeb gameshow funny jack black - 106781185

Bizarre Video Of Jack Black In A Korean Gameshow

Jack Black never lets us down.
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A collection of creepy things that people just can't explain

Absolute Weirdest Things That Happened To People

This whole existence business is a strange matter.
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wtf unsettling creepy bizarre weird tiktok - 2174214

Eerie TikTok Video Reveals Abandoned Ghost Town

Ghost towns are just plain old unsettling.
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Signs that seem extra scary | Beware Monkey Attack | STOP BE AWARE OVERHEAD MOLTEN IRON

Overly Ominous and Uniquely Spooky Signs

Danger comes in a wide variety of flavors.
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A collection of the strangest reasons that people got dumped. | Legalius 17h She didn't like didn't like she cheated. O Q Reply 950

Most Bizarre Reasons People Got Dumped

Definite bullet dodged for that dude.
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People describe the strangest moments in their lives that they still can't explain | stephen1547 saw my doppelgänger while driving parking lot passed each other going super-slow, and made eye contact both started laughing, and then continued on. My wife sitting passenger seat, and saw him as well super weird, and really fun whatever reason still talk about 10 years later regret not stopping and finding guy take photo together.

Strangest Life Moments People Still Can't Explain

Sometimes the matrix programmers mess up.
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Funny and weird items for sale online | Bears Egg Macclesfield, England Genuine one kind and extremely rare find. Usually bears lay their eggs their caves and incubate them over winter until little cubs hatch. Sadly this egg got left behind nest. Very rare find one these still intact | Mini boat

Strange and Dumb Junk People Tried Selling Online

One person's trash is another person's garbage.
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weird and bizarre facts | artparade 11.4k points 15 hours ago An important predator Canadian Moose is Killer whale Moose will swim over seastraits and get picked off by killer whales.

Weird and Specific Facts to Alienate Strangers With

Now making friends can be even harder!
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strange reasons people went to see marriage counselors | crusnic_zero 15.0k points 9 hours ago my cousin went counselling because her husband cuts sandwich straight inside diagonal first heard thought joke.

Bizarre Reasons People Went to See A Marriage Counselor

It's often not a bad idea, but the reasons can get out there.
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funny and strange images | clothes label Alexo 70%POLYESTER 30%PU 56%POLYESTER 44%VISCOSE XXXXXXX 100%POLYESTER 30 MADE CHINA | person riding a bicycle over water

Weird Images Harpooned from The Crevices of The Internet

Oh, thank you Internet.
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funny and weird things people tried selling online and on craigslist | Post Pizza crust Message $5 O Spruce Grove, AB Bought an XL pizza hate crust so want sell someone who enjoys Looking get some my money back 5, can't deliver. Thanks Comes with 3 slightly used marinara sauce Interested! Is this still available? Do have more | Cooler and grill combos MESSAGE $30 O02915 Leave this high class piece or art work by favorite spot yard and are all set! Cooler last hours and grill is safe set and

Weird and Bad Stuff People Tried Selling Online

Hopefully someone is interested.
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funny moments of kids being stupid and weird | daughter wakes up at 5am tell she has made caterpillar at preschool yesterday and continues talk about 2 hours and tells absolute HAVE pick up today! So arrived at preschool were handed THIS mean, where on earth do put this Everywhere put just looks like big .

Proof That Kids are Weird and Dumb

They'e not smart people.
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Truck stop employees describe their most bizarre experiences while working | Neeraja_Kalrapindhi 9h 1 Award Not an employee, but frequent cross-country traveler. Weirdest pulling up truckstop fill up southeastern South Dakota during height mayfly hatch, millions bugs all over started filling up and getting ready clean my windshield and happened look over across way and there some dude driving big box truck diesel fueling area. He scraping them off front his truck and eating them by handfuls. Ah

Truck Stop Employees' Most Bizarre Stories

Truck stops can get real weird.
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Funny weird craigslist posts and marketplace offers | 1991 Lamborghini Aventador Kit car using Honda Accord $4,500 Ask Details Details Driven 300,000 miles KË Automatic transmission Exterior color: White | Free Star Wars Jar Jar Binks Phantom Menace Pizza Box 1999 (Houston) image 1 2 Pizza Hut. STAR WARS EPISODE Jar Jar Binks Hello! This is free 1999 Phantom Menace Pizza Hut box with Jar Jar Binks on have had since 1999 comes smoke-free, pet- free home is absolutely free anyone willing come pic

Bizarre Treasures People Tried Selling Online

Alright some of this is literally garbage.
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Aggressive texter bombards guy's phones with paragraphs | Oh shoot. So sorry did not mean send s little embarrassing My old phone didn't allow send videos and since just got this one on Thursday still trying see can do and dunno pressed scrolling through my gallery but total accident and now really embarrassed so 's best don't talk anymore ?

Woman Bombards Man's Phone With Storm Of Texts

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