"At this point, the man loudly scoffs and smirks at me while reaching for his wallet.  He asks, 'This mean anything to you?' while flashing me his badge.  [Did] this guy really just try to extort me for a beer for his underage daughter??  'No, that doesn’t mean anything to me,' I replied.  'Really? Nothing? Pull down that mask and let me see your face.'

'This mean anything to you?': Cop tries to flash his badge and use intimidation to get drinks for underaged daughter

The problem with misusing your authority and making a scene is that it makes all those you are associated with look bad. That also goes for any organizations or groups who you might be affiliated with. This is why it's so important to conduct oneself in a manner that suits your station -whether you're on duty or off. Just take this off-duty hotel manager who was fired for being rude to the staff of another hotel as a prime example. This server took to Reddit's r/talesfromyourserver community to…
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Officially reached my bull$h*t limit

Bartender Gets Revenge on Her Boss During Her Final Month at the Restaurant

It's the unapologetic pettiness that really get me.
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Messages from crazy manager firing the entire staff and making them interview if they want their job back. Local dive bar drama blowing up today.

'Everyone is terminated:' New manager at local dive bar fires literally everyone and makes them re-interview.

Everyone has had an experience with a crazy, vaguely threatening manager. But not everyone has had this one.
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unfair-termination dive bar toxic-manager justice fired toxic-workplace server bank-street-bar laid off toxic-boss bartender new-management service industry new orleans - 17709061

'As of today everyone is being terminated:' New Orleans bar tries to 'clean house,' employees get a hold of the IG account and wreak havoc, causing mass boycott

“I hope the [Bank Street Bar] realizes this is all because of Tristan’s well-documented poor management skills and fires him and gives the banks staff all their jobs back.”
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A college student ghosted his job after his manager completely ignored his advance request for time off.

College Student Encouraged By Reddit To Ghost His Bad Manager

Reddit can be an excellent source for anonymous venting, yet this story proves that it can also be used for making productive life decisions, like ghosting your job when your manager is treating you like you're less than human.
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Kitchen Confidential waiting food service service kitchen bartender service industry reddit thread Reddit - 17585157

Delivery Guy's Sky-High Stack of Boxes Floods Entire Kitchen in Surprising Chain of Events

We've all been there; you're already having a bad day, behind schedule, and rushing to try and catch up to get back on top of things. All this hustle leads you to make a critical error that you wouldn't normally have made… If you're lucky you catch it. If not, well, that could be the end of your entire career.
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antiwork jobs job bartending new zealand bartender service industry - 17586693

Bar in New Zealand Sparks Controversy, Roasted For Posting Job Ad With Requirements For 'Double D Breasts'

For those overseas, yeah, that's not legal here either.
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customer service server waiter service bartender service industry - 17575685

Couple Gets Served Instant Karma After 'Dine and Dash' Attempt

This couple thought that they could get away with pulling a good ol' fashioned “dine and dash” but luckily the staff were able to pull their plates as they drove off. The police managed to locate the vehicle and let the The ‘dine and dash’ is perhaps the greatest indicator of the decline of our society. That's an exaggeration, but it stands to reason that these people are one of the worst types of human beings.
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customer service server customers bartenders bartender entitled idiots - 16562693

Entitled Jerk Tells Server She Brought Him the Wrong Plate, Bystanders Tell Him They Heard Him Order It

A wholesome moment made possible by stupidity.
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Customer rudely demands no ice, bartender pours him drink with no cup

Rude Gentleman Demands No Ice, Gets Less Than That

Give the man what he wants and less.
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Entitled customers want bigger glasses for their wine and the bartender maliciously complies | r/MaliciousCompliance wworrall They wanted bigger glass, so he gave them bigger glass. My parents and were on vacation few years back, and hanging out at Hotel bar. This place one those places cheap, but everyone who stayed there thought they were better than everyone else couple (Male Female) walked talking about Nice and quaint bar looked. They sat down at table next us were supposed order

Customers Want Bigger Wine Glasses, Bartender Maliciously Complies

Their entitlement was off the charts.
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Entitled rich customer loads jukebox with songs, bartender puts on funny songs. | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/BurnTheOil Don't TOUCH jukebox till all entitled customers' songs have played? Fine by oc L bartender at little hole wall watering hole with very regular and very loyal customer base had last night off, so met up with friend at another bar few drinks and some food. After supper decide walk bar work at cap off evening get there, and there is good

Bartender Gets Musical Revenge On Entitled Customer

He who controls the jukebox controls the vibe.
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A bar owner proceeds to take revenge on a lousy and aggressive bartender | r/ProRevenge u/SloppyEyeScream 3h Join 1 1 Homeless Guy Works Here? TLDR: Mike Shitty Bartender; Mike Is Now Unemployed am corporate headhunter sorts entered family business reality life bitch slapped face didn't know at time, but is best decision ever made spent my formative years growing up Midwest. There worked other family business which restaurant industry.

Bar Owner Takes Revenge On Lousy Bartender

Mike sounds like a real piece of work.
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Boss's trash policy gets him covered in broken glass | Posted by u/TinderGuy11 22 hours ago New owner wants us carry garbage bags through crowded restaurant okay boss oC L This is another story about my bartending days, and preface by saying, even though got my point across, not then, nor do now feel good about happened here. So slight backstory working as bar manager student pub new owner and haaaated each other actually scary just deep hatred ran. However his fastest bartender and simply too p

Hell Manager's Dumb Policy Gets His Head Covered in Trash

Hoisted upon his own garbage petard.
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A New York City bartender reality checks a testy customer | r/NuclearRevenge Join u/zibtara 1y NYC Bar too expensive Midwest man early 2000's worked an Irish Pub on 2nd Ave and 9th ST Manhattan were used seeing midwestern men on business trip announce they "will get bill! This one is one only regret they see bill (sticker shock and realize drinks Manhattan don't cost same as their local, dive bar. Enter Ohio Businessman=OB, waitress=W So, this group guys comes and start ordering beers. One guy,

New York City Bartender Reality Checks Customer

Got him real good.
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guy forgets to pay tab and the bartender he has a crush on texts him | Hey Matt s Gina, really quick just have tell didn't pay bill Lmao l'm drad Dead Sorry thought did

Guy Has Crush On Bartender, Forgets To Pay Tab, She Responds

That worked out in miraculous fashion.
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