Time to raise the bar. If you walk the straight and narrow, and can toe that line on the bar, then maybe these straight-laced puns are for you to. So grab a pint and celebrate, but make sure you stay the course.

TikTok user got beat up by a Karen.

TikTok User Takes Her Little Brother Out to Celebrate His 21st Birthday, Ends Up Getting Her Hair Pulled Out By a Karen

“Gone with the wind I was! She yanked me into yesterday.”
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customer service bar drinking manager FAIL cringe ridiculous - 106461441

Manager Of Failing Bar Called Out For Acting Like A Hotshot

An unforgiving reality check was served that day.
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A terrible, toxic, micromanager owner gets outed by an ex-employee and has to end up paying $50,000 | r/ProRevenge posted by melindee Revenge tune 50000+ on owner who wrongfully fired This is lengthy story happened around 6 years ago applied job as bar manager at new restobar opened up my area Ontario, Canada

Toxic Bar Owner Gets Outed By Employee To The Tune Of $50,000

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Entitled rich customer loads jukebox with songs, bartender puts on funny songs. | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/BurnTheOil Don't TOUCH jukebox till all entitled customers' songs have played? Fine by oc L bartender at little hole wall watering hole with very regular and very loyal customer base had last night off, so met up with friend at another bar few drinks and some food. After supper decide walk bar work at cap off evening get there, and there is good

Bartender Gets Musical Revenge On Entitled Customer

He who controls the jukebox controls the vibe.
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A bar owner proceeds to take revenge on a lousy and aggressive bartender | r/ProRevenge u/SloppyEyeScream 3h Join 1 1 Homeless Guy Works Here? TLDR: Mike Shitty Bartender; Mike Is Now Unemployed am corporate headhunter sorts entered family business reality life bitch slapped face didn't know at time, but is best decision ever made spent my formative years growing up Midwest. There worked other family business which restaurant industry.

Bar Owner Takes Revenge On Lousy Bartender

Mike sounds like a real piece of work.
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Video and interview of guy who sat at bar during robbery.

The Guy Who Stayed At the Bar While It was Being Robbed

Even he said to not do this.
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guy gets stuck under barbell at the gym

Unfortunate Dude Gets Pinned Under Barbell And Then It Gets Worse

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bar drunk ridiculous reaction Video - 97069313

Amazing Card Trick From Drunk Guy

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bar shots drinking salt woman club FAIL dumb mistake funny stupid - 96871937

Thirsty Girl at Bar Takes Shot of Pure Salt

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bartender stories

Actual Stories From A 12 Year Bartender Who's Seen Everything

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non-karen reasons that someone may have actually been right in asking to speak to the manager

19 Moronic Reasons Customers Demanded to See the Manager

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Collection of funny bar signs that will have you ready to hit happy hours this weekend.

50 Funny Bar Signs That'll Ignite Your Thirst For Beer O'Clock

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bar drinking signs - 5261061

23 Bar Signs That'll Have You Screaming For Beer O'Clock

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Words of Wisdom From Dad

Funny pub sign with a dad joke about how if he wanted one drink he'd just go to church for communion wine.
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bar feminism dating - 85558017

SNL Skit Profiling Every Dude Who Tries to Use Feminism At Bar to Get Laid Is Instant Comedic Gold

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Surprise Your Body Once in a While

bar sign alcohol water clever win - 8977308160
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