disgusting cursed food | pasta covered in gray gross sauce gravy | cabbage emptied and carved into a bowl and stuffed with something brown

Cursed Foods from Satan's Crock Pot

Cooking shouldn't look this dangerous.
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A Motherload of Devastating Dad Jokes

That's some quality dad.
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terrible and disrespectful house guests | wicked_witch69 2.0k points 16 hours ago Swung my ceiling fan and ripped out ceiling. Like just reached up, grabbed hung on dear life until crashed floor on top him.

Unforgivably Disrespectful Things Done By Houseguests

Oh hell no.
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weird and bizarre facts | artparade 11.4k points 15 hours ago An important predator Canadian Moose is Killer whale Moose will swim over seastraits and get picked off by killer whales.

Weird and Specific Facts to Alienate Strangers With

Now making friends can be even harder!
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Strange cursed images and other weird pictures | funny tapir looking at a half eaten sandwich held by the person taking the pic | power cord floating on top of flip flops in a pool

Weird and Cursed Junk from the Corners of the Internet

Oh, cool, thank you internet.
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Stories of the weirdest things people did as kids | IrrationallyCalm 43.4k points 1 day ago edited 1 day ago 回22 S around 8 years old liked way clean towels tasted. Something really enjoyed putting towel over straw, and drinking kool-aid through My mother wasn't fan having white towels covered with red spots, so she put stop pretty quick.

Extremely Weird Things People Did as Kids

Sometimes you don't realize how strange you were until later.
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Horrible and gross cursed food | IMPROVED TASTE Wish Bone Campbell's Turkey Chunky Blue Cheese GRAVY sauces in spray bottles | toilet bowl used to eat cereal

Cursed Foods from the Devil's Pantry

Satan is a chef and he is angry.
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A soldier accidentally microwaves Chef Boyardee on an active military base | r/tifu Join u/RoemerRanch 1y 1 TIFU by microwaving chef boyardee on an active military base As with most things this happened last week currently deployed middle east got off work little later than expected and missed galley hours so stopped at mini mart on base grab some food. They have decent selection mostly just typical gas station food. So some guys grab cold

Soldier's Microwave Mishap Creates Chaos

A solid brain fart.
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Uncomfortable images and gross cursed food | Without objective morality, everything is permissible. nutella spaghetti

Uncomfortable, Mostly Cursed Food Related Images

Oh cool, gross.
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Freaky, weird and bizarre cursed images | human shaped frozen chunk of ice stuck to the wall outside a window looking like a person standing | man shaving his beard using peanut butter and jelly instead of shaving cream and bread over his ears

Freaky Cursed Images to Just Feel Weird About

Explore the hallowed halls of the creepy and the weird.
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Stupid complaints that entitled tourists told to their travel agency | THESE ARE ACTUAL COMPLAINTS RECEIVED BY THOMAS COOK VACATIONS DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS: 1 They should not allow topless sunbathing on beach very distracting my husband who just wanted relax 2 On my holiday Goa India disgusted find almost every restaurant served curry don't like spicy food 3 went on holiday Spain and had problem with taxi drivers as they were all Spanish

Dumb Complaints Entitled Tourists Had for Their Travel Agency

Yeah man, Spain has Spanish people.
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Entitled selfish people who made absurd demands | agreed pay 650 create website created website approved everything put website up and told once paid hand everything over never paid so now website stays down until do already made website, so can call 85

Entitled Folks Who Made Wild Demands

What a treat.
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Stories of horrible and disrespectful things done by house guests | reddit thread KingBrandt 8.9k points 14 hours ago Left his trash everywhere and then started complain because trash laying around

Rude and Annoying Things Done by House Guests

It makes you want to close your doors forever.
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Tumblr users ask what centaurs can breed with | volcel-official Then question is, would be morally acceptable centaur mate with normal horse Ma pain-and-missouri And would offspring be like? trashcanbees 50% 75% 100% kompanie-mutter hate all this trashcanbees Bigot

Short Tumblr Thread on Centaurs Asks The Hard Questions

We can just be glad they don't actually exist.
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Video of bagpiper and steel drummers sound horrible.

Bag Piper Competing With Steel Drummers All Sounds Real Bad

It goes together like orange juice and mint toothpaste.
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Horrible and wtf moments of people's trashiness | This champ out here digging through people's city mission donation boxes and filling her car up with all good shit and leaving rest on wet ground keepitclassy. Hey facebook stumbled across Koi fish recently s not stolen. Definitely not Olympia Orthopedics want take look at l'm holding my grandpa's place If Lacey. PM Koi fish (like New) 100 bucks. Very, VERY, flexible on price.

Moments of Trashiness That Belong on a Garbage Barge

Trashiness can strike anywhere and any time.
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