strange, funny and wtf cursed images

Strange and Cursed Images of Internet Weirdness

Uh, thanks?
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selfish, trashy and wtf behavior

Trashtacular Moments of Shameless Garbage-osity

Faith in humanity lost.
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driver reports accident and ends up with hit-and-run charge, has to go to court

Driver Reports Self For Courtesy, Ends Up With Hit-And-Run

No good deed goes unpunished.
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strange and horrible for sale listings online

Weird and Wild Junk People Tried Selling Online

Open to all offers.
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creepy things girls said or did to men

Dudes Share The Creepiest Interactions They Had With Girls

Don't do this.
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company won't accept mortgage payments and jerks customer around until they change companies

Company Won't Accept Mortgage Payments, Tells Customer They've Defaulted

"Shut up and take my money!"
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kids making mistakes and being dumb

28 Decent Reasons Not To Have Children

Congratulations, it's a problem.
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worst tasting foods people ate to be polite

The Worst Things People Ate Out of Politeness

We've all had to take a few bites for the team.
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horrible gross looking cursed food | hot dogs covered in mashed potatoes and wrapped in melted cheese | green meatloaf tower decorated with chunks of chicken

Cursed Foods That are Uncomfortable to Look At

Smells like college.
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strange and wtf images | knitted cover for a toilet seat | whole entire corncob replacing a gear stick in a car

Cursed Weirdness from The Depths of The Internet

Thanks, internet.
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stories of the worst food people tasted | stephacharlotte 1.6k points 5 days ago Hot dog soup. My dad rehab/assisted living facility. He had both and my sister taste were all super grossed out def hot dogs, with chunks, but also with pureed hot dogs base.

The Worst Foods People Have Eaten

Sometimes it's worth a shot.
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cursed food | colorful fruit flavored tic tacs inserted into pitted olives | toothbrush made out of a hot dog with bristles

Uncomfortably Cursed and Wildly Misplaced Foods

That doesn't go there.
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People who think they're way smarter than they are | imagine having an iq lower than 130 dude shut up youre bad with words

Self-Titled Geniuses Who Sprayed the Internet with Cringeworthy Bragging

It's hard to talk to someone who think's they're on another plane of existence.
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Stupid, silly, clever and dumb puns | spilled tub of hellman oh no qasimple what the hallman. tweet by Tom Bellingham TommyWTF1 Star Wars characters seeing themselves 4K first time Han Solo Wow HD Yoda: HDMI2 Screen M D

A Bundle of Beautiful Stupid Puns

Or a pundle, if you will.
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Stories of how people's Christmases were ruined | xClovis7 My cousins got mini bounce house and popped with like 10 kids inside all under 8 amount crying broke my eardrums

People Share What Ruined Their Christmas

It's not all presents and smiles.
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strange junk people tried selling online and craigslist | CR CellBrokerage PS4 Thermostat Simulator Ps5 game $15 | Rare corner screw $1,000 Listed 7 hours ago Avondale, AZ e Seller prefers door drop off or pick up. Learn More E Get Local Delivery. Learn More Send seller message

Weird and Dumb Junk People Tried Selling Online

Everyone wants to make a buck.
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