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30+ Stories About Marriages That Were Doomed From the Wedding

These unions were doomed from the start.
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35 People Share the Most Unattractive Things They See in Dating Profiles

Everyone has something that gives them the “ick” I've definitely covered this before, but mine is any sort of eating, mouth, or food noises. It's just something that I absolutely can not tolerate and can quickly drive me up the bloody wall. It's completely irrational, and I'm happy to admit that, but just something about the way those noises touch my ears makes my skin crawl. Traditionally people would say, “Like nails on a chalkboard.” for me, it's' “An open mouth chewer churning through a slo…
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40 of the Biggest Turnoffs People Experience

You'll want to avoid doing everything on this list.
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Guys Share Their Biggest Turnoffs and Worst Date Experiences

Ladies, take notes.
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People Share Protagonists and "Heroes" Who Are Actually Problematic

Characters who are portrayed as a hero that aren't
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the epic stories of how high school legends earned their status

17 People Share What Made The "High School Legend" A Legend

people share stories about the epic things that people did in highschool to get legend status.
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People Share the Craziest Things Their Exes Did After Breakups

What is the craziest thing your ex did after a breakup?
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Teen Piano Teacher Outsmarts Idiot Karen Who Accused Them of Overcharging

Are you smarter than an 8th grader?
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Boss Tells Tech Support That They Need to Increase Sales "No Exceptions", So They Sell Everything Possible to Boss' Dad

At least the dad is a happy customer!
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People Are Sharing the "Things That We Pretend We Need to Be Addicted to" and I Need to Go Home and Rethink My Life

These are the things that we justify being addicted to as a society.
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People Who Quit Their Jobs on the First Day Share Their "I'm Outta Here" Moments

There's a whole bunch of red flags here.
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People Share the Things That We Really Need to Stop Romanticizing as a Society

You know. Maybe that was a bad call... by us.
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With Collective Exasperation, People Share the Thing That Instantly Ruins Movies and Shows

Are you paying close attention Hollywood? Please stop.
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The Angry Antagonized Masses Share the Douchiest Things They’ve Ever Witnessed

A collection of stories about the absolute worst kinds of people.
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poorly designed parts of the human body

With Anatomical Hatred, People Commiserate Over the Most Poorly Designed Parts of the Human Body

Buttholes. What a sh***y design.
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People Share the Scams That Are So Normalized We Don’t Even Notice They’re There

These scams are just every-day events to us now.
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