13 text based reddit images topic stupidest rules arguments in warhammer40k | thumbnail "r/Warhammer40k + Join u/Dubstep_squid · 6d WARHAHMER 1 S 2 What is the stupidest rules argument you've ever had? Discussion A couple of my favorites • At a local RTT and I'm throwing some thunder hammers into a redemptor dreadnought with a +1 to wound litany in effect. My Opponent drops 1 CP and says "I'm going to go ahead and transhuman him"

Warhammer40K Gamers Recall Stupidest Rules Arguments They've Encountered

Game over, fools
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10 reddit text based images | thumbnail reddit text "My fiancé was attacked by a golden retriever when he was 11. While it wasn't physically severe, it did affect him mentally and he had to go to therapy to be comfortable around dogs. He is now fine around all dogs but golden retrievers. Because of this, my sister always visits us without her dog. She's usually fine to go out if she is with our mum and doesn't want to bring the dog, this is what my sister says not me assuming."

Woman Chastised For Not Inviting Dog To Wedding, Family Threatens Not To Come

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diet wtf tumblr discussion honey lol argument vegan - 15544069

Tumblr Thread: The Debate Over "Is Honey Truly Vegan" Rages On

Oh boy.
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aita neighbors argument relationships - 15461893

Woman Sets Rude Neighbor Straight, Tells Her That Her Husband Isn't the Catch She Thinks He Is

Woman retorts to rude neighbor with brutal comeback
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fiancé wants to quit job and stay at home story

Fiancé Wants To Be Childless Stay-At-Home Wife, Disagreement Ensues

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person argues bad point and is disproven by math

Math-Allergic Simpleton Doubles Down On Stupid Hill, Proves Self Incompetent

In the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence, double down.
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Lowballer on craigslist tries to insult seller's intelligence and fails

Seller Won't Fall For BS, Lowballer Gets Weirdly Classist About It

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cringe Awkward reporter argument ridiculous live tv funny Video - 106992385

Spicy Reporter Starts Drama With Anchor, Doesn't Realize She's Live

Uh, Jessica, we are live.
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Tumblr users argue over a picture of a bread knife using lawyer language | phoenix wright ace attorney whitebeltwriter: dual-destininies: derples: dual-destininies: tf2-fandomstuck: tiniestshorts: Bread knife french have grown more powerful. Hold ! photo of a hand holding bread and a red circle

Tumblr Has Lawyer-style Debate over Legitimacy of Bread Knife

Why should anything be simple?
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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney reddit bot | Telling me to chill and calling me

Bot Turns Reddit Arguments Into Ace Attorney Scenes

It's almost too good.
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A collection of times that neighbors got into petty showdowns | Today 9:28 AM Hey. Just wanted send my condolences think have wrong number. No s Chloe 1A just had car towed. Can't say weren't warned. Delivered

Lovely Neighbors That Detested Each Other

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Brother in law keeps criticizing woman so she farts at him | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/whatabouttea 2 days ago 3 10 2 '2 8 12 3 3 95 AITA ruining my brother law's day with purposeful fart? Not hole BIL and husband co own house passed them by their father live one half while BIL lives other only thing share is living room and kitchen rest is completely separate. Lately BIL has been making odd comments about my ladylikeness am down home back woods dirt under my fingernails still play mud puddles

Woman Battles Pushy In-Law With Resounding Flatulence

Solving beef with more beef.
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girlfriend wants boyfriend to pay off debt | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/JFThrowaway3312 18 hours ago AITA laughing at my girlfriend her suggestion pay off her loan Not hole Throwaway obvious reasons 32) and my girlfriend(29) are living together year and going out two make about 1.5 times amount she makes and split all our bills including rent 60-40. She has huge student loan low six digits. So here's incident. Yesterday, she came up and asked why not helping pay off her student loan. asked her

Entitled Girlfriend asks Boyfriend to Pay Her Substantial Debt

Dating for two years you say?
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People describe their proudest heat of the moment comments. | eachfire 3h first day camping at 2016 music festival headed off with 4-gallon jug get water girl who with our group, who l'd never met before, asked if needed help responded No-but l'd sure love some company getting married this fall. Reply 1.8k

People's Proudest Heat Of The Moment Comments

Some solid mic drops.
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Karen disputes with call center over 16 thousand dollar bill | r/talesfromcallcenters Posted by u/DBMaxx 15 days ago 3 $14000 credit off bill? Not enough this Karen L Hey guys lurked here little while now, and figured share story my my call centre days guys might appreciate full interaction call around 45 minutes, with lot talking circles as Karens tend do, so going try my best condense down interesting parts

Karen Racks Up $16K In Roaming Data, Refuses Steep Discount

It's a battle of giants, a Karen and a call center.
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Vegans get called fake for feeding their cat meat. | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/edenflicka 16 hours ago 3 AITA calling ourselves vegan? So both vegan and have been years. Last year got beautiful cat who is grand baby neither our parents will ever have. She's obviously an obligate carnivore and been feeding her kibble and wet food. Unfortunately, where she came wasn't very good situation and she had horrible teeth rescued her s not come point where if she's painful she doesn't want eat kibble an

Vegans Called Fake Because They Feed Their Cat Meat

This was an argument?
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