12 text based reddit images surrounding family argument over dogs and christmas | thumbnail blue background "AITA for not locking my dogs outside? Not the A-hole We have two dogs, both small and no higher than your knees. We love Christmas in my family (I prefer Halloween, myself, but still love Christmas) and I got them both Christmas jumpers. We always get them a little bag of treats and toys, too. I only mention this to show how loved they are. My nephew is nearly 9 and afraid of dogs."

Sister Invites Herself Over For Christmas, Requests That Host's Dogs Be Left Outside

Christmas debacles and dogs
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10 text based reddit images dad clean plate club debacle | thumbnail blue background "Dad had a rule of you couldn't leave the table if you still| had food on your plate, didn't matter if you didn't like it ... "We don't waste food in this house!"

Annoying Dad Takes 'Clean Plate Club' Too Far, Fed Up Kid Takes Advantage Of Loophole

Relax, dad
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13 text reddit images crazy roommate petty revenge | thumbnail "She taped a border across the floor and would clean exactly at the border, and would throw trash on my side. Asked her to stop multiple times, pointed out the tape border was childish but she kept shrugging and telling me 'it's your side, sorry, doesn't matter if its outlined or not, your responsibility'."

Clever College Chick Gets Petty Revenge On Psycho Roommate

Another dramatic roommate story
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11 reddit based text images wife and father in law argument | thumbnail blue background "Early in our marriage, FIL used to go on and on about how we were not really married because we didn't get married in the Catholic Church. He finally got on my last nerve with it when my oldest was about 3. The next time we brought it up, I told FIL that at least I was willing to marry a bastard. FIL got angry at that and asked what I was talking about?"

Quick Witted Wife Turns Tables On Hypocritical Father In Law Over Religious Technicality

What say you now, FIL?
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11 text based reddit images inheritance AITA for only niece | thumbnail blue background "My sister has two children (13f & 5m). The 13 yo is from her previous relationship, the 5 yo from her current husband. My niece's father skipped out on them and my sister had a rough time of it, so I helped them out early on. Her husband is well off so they're set now, but it's become very obvious to me over the years that he wishes my niece weren't in their lives."

Uncle With Terminal Illness Chastised For Leaving Inheritance For Niece But Not Nephew

It's the entitlement for us
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12 reddit text images mom aita for not wanting to apologize to daughter over injury | thumbnail "AITA for not being sorry that I didn't believe my daughter's knee was hurting? She said she would help me, and I told her we could take her to the emergency room if her knee still hurt by the time the yard work was done. We worked the whole weekend, and she complained a lot, but I was almost certain that she would magically be better by the end of the weekend. This morning though, she said"

Manipulative Mom Thinks Daughter Is Lying About Injury, Forces Her To Do Yardwork, ER Visit 3 Days Later Confirms Sprain

Middle fingers up
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13 text based reddit images | thumbnail "aita for wishing my husband would get me a christmas gift, He says I am materialistic for wanting a gift (even though he asked for several things which I already bought) and that Christmas should be about time with family instead of material things so I do feel guilty and like maybe I am wrong but I'm not sure."

Freeloader Husband Refuses To Buy Christmas Gift For Wife, Confesses He Only Married Her For Her Money

Sighs, marriage eh?
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9 reddit text images | thumbnail "/MaliciousCompliance + Join u/skyyisgood · 8h 3 3 2 2 1 I kept getting written up for my hairstyle, so I cut all my hair off,looked into the dress code and saw that the men's hair code was much more lenient. It just said that hair must not touch the collar of the shirt or the tops of the ears, he next semester there was a man with long hair who wore it in a bun instead of cutting it, and the following semester the dress code was rewritten to be gender neutral""

Female Firefighter In Training Called Out For Hairstyle Requirements, Complies Maliciously By Cutting All Her Hair Off

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15 reddit text images AITA brother gives away hamster | thumbnail "AITA for giving away my brother's pet hamster, YTDirtyCrossYT • 63d Partassipant [4] NTA The hamster shouldn't be seen by your brother+parents as an "entertainment thing" (if that makes sense lol). It is a living sentient animal. So, it's better to give him away to someone who cares about the little fluffy guy. Reply 1 116"

Pet Hamster Dumped On Big Bro After Younger Bro Loses Interest, Big Bro Rehomes Pet, Family Gets Pissed

Just stop
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11 reddit text based images discussion aita jerk bf | thumbnail  blue background "aita for putting all my snacks in the fridge in a lockable box, At first I talked to him nicely about this telling him next time could he leave some and not eat everything, but when he was dismissive it led to an argument where things got a bit heated on both sides i'm ashamed to admit and he finally told me it was only snacks and he'd eat whatever he pleased in the fridge"

Jerk BF Eats All Of GF's Snacks, She Buys Lockable Box To Secure Food, BF Unreasonably Dismissive

Not cool bro
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13 reddit text images discussion woman annoyed with men posting fake dog pics in dating profiles | thumbnail " wish men would stop putting fake dog pictures in their dating profile I'm on Hinge, and I think this is my third in a row click on a guy who has multiple pictures of himself with a dog, who actually doesn't own that dog.THEN, I get to talking, and say what's your dogs name? And they admit that they don't have a dog,"

Doggo Loving Woman Is Fed Up With Men Putting Fake Dog Pictures In Their Dating Profiles

Cat-fishing doggo style?
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8 reddit text images delivery man has had enough | thumbnail "your wings are on the way, Y'all ever have those days where you work so hard you forget to eat, that was me that day. I got a no tip order, red flag 1, for some wings on a delivery not too far. The man is blowing up my phone being a real I can handle but this dude was a special breed. "

Underpaid And Under-appreciated Food Delivery Dude Puts Unreasonably Angry Customer In His Place

Just be kind
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11 reddit text images surrounding discussion | thumbnail "/MaliciousCompliance u/rustybathtub · 21h + Join S 22 2 21 24 1 Order me to buy your kids expensive gifts for Christmas? Okay then! S So my brothers and sisters basically ordered me and my wife to buy their children(our nieces and nephews) expensive gifts for Christmas because, according to them, we were "well off". We're not really, were just financially responsible."

Entitled Parents Expect 'Well Off' Siblings In Law To Buy Their Kids Expensive Christmas Gifts

Excuse me?
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14 text based reddit images aita naming dog same name as niece | thumbnail "Fast forward and my SIL is pregnant and finds out it is a girl. We are all so excited and happy and wondering about the name and she said Maybeline. I didn't really think much of it at the spot but I did make a comment about how that is what my puppy will be called. "

Entitled SIL Steals Puppy Name For Baby, Asks Sis To Pick Different Name For Puppy

Entitled people, entitled people as far as the I can see
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12 reddit images with text surrounding OP and mom's debacle | thumbnail "Now my mom is telling me she's upset that we didn't tell them in person and that my wife wasn't apart of conversation. I explained that my wife was having a rough time and felt uncomfortable with that so I was going to do whatever made her the most comfortable. She is my priority. My mom is insisting that her own needs are just as important in this scenario and that I should've"

Vindictive Mom Tells Son She Is Just As Important As His Pregnant Wife

So much salt
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 12 reddit text images surrounding discussion of dog in dog friendly areas, offended woman | thumbnail "As I was walking around a lady approached me and she had her service dog with her. She asked me why do I not have my dog's "service dog" tag on him and I told her its not a service dog. She was smiling and talking in a passive aggressive tone to me and said " then why would you bring a regular pet in here?". I told her "because l'm allowed to?

Man Brings Dog To Pet Friendly Mall, Karen With Service Dog Gets Unreasonably Offended

Kindness is free
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