Tumblr user explains how Tolkein used his extensive knowledge of linguistics to make details in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit | mirkwoodest One ballsiest things Tolkien ever did write 473k words about some hobbits called frodo, sam, merry, and pippin and then write appendices their names are actually maura, ban, kali, and razal, mirkwoodest

Tumblr User Expounds Tolkien's Wonderful Nerdery

He really got into it.
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news lol amazing ridiculous funny - 2846214

Laura Ingraham Gets Caught In A "Who's On First"

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funny and wtf low budget engineering solutions

Intriguing and Sometimes Inadvisable DIY Solutions

If it works, it might still be stupid.
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mother-in-law steals engagement ring and is told it has a curse, then gets in car accident

Mother-In-Law Steals Ring, Falls Victim To Its Fake Curse

That's a new one.
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stupid and easy ways people made money

The Easiest, Stupidest Money People Ever Made

It's rare, but it's beautiful.
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giant and impressive absolute units

Absolute Units That Are The Kings of Bigness, The Sultans of Circumference

They're so big they needed two descriptors.
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Coraline too scary Neil Gaiman Tumblr thread

Tumblr Thread: Neil Gaiman Weighs In On Coraline Being Too Scary

In his own words.
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scary racing wtf Terrifying cars fast rally amazing - 107566081

Rally Racing In Finland Is As Riveting As It Is Terrifying

They get close.
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weird kids and strange things kids did at school

Weird and Wild Things Kids Did At School

Never a dull moment.
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farts ghosts lol amazing dumb funny stupid - 107554305

Ghost Hunters With Farts Is Absolutely Delightful

Finally a reason to recoil at an empty room.
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Guy's shot in bowls is stunningly accurate perfect bowls shot

Guy Absolutely Nails Perfect Bowls Shot

No one's laughing at Nick Brett now.
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funny tumblr gems

Tumblr Gems To Sift Through Like An Old-Timey Prospector

There's gems in them internets!
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absolute units and wtf big things

Absolute Units Too Large For This Earth

The presence.
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funny and bold mad lads with their shenanigans

Mad Lads Who Made The World Their Big Briny Oyster

Be the mischief you want to see in the world.
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cool Music drumming performance amazing win - 107523585

Drummer Nate Smith Gives Crowd Lesson In 7/4 Time

Alright that's awesome.
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people's text conversations quitting bad bosses

People Who Quit Their Toxic Bosses

The satisfaction is real.
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