monologue fight lol amazing ridiculous Cats funny stupid - 107826177

Dude Perfectly Narrates Cat Altercation

It's one of those videos we didn't know we needed until it happened to us. There's tremendous skill in being able to read a situation, and this guy's interpretation of this cat's inner monologue is way too spot on. This cat is serious. Also, we need this man to do UFC commentary.
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twitter wtf castle house lol amazing ridiculous weird selling - 16234501

Twitter Thread: The Gaudiest Castle For Sale In Connecticut

Rebecca Makkai did a deep dive into an amazingly over-the-top castle built by the kin of a steel tycoon in 2010. As we all know, wealth hardly ever really translates to taste, and it all looks like a 3rd grader's idea of luxury. Anyway it's for sale if anyone has the scratch for it. The dude selling it seems like a bit of a prickly customer, though. For another wonderful listing, here's the Tumblr Thread on the 70s house that looks like carpeted geometry salad.
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rural drama community lol amazing small town funny - 16233733

People Share Their Scandalous Small Town Drama

Small towns. Depending on who you ask, they're dens of community, salt-of-the-earth values, rampant local corruption and terrific squabbles. There can be incomprehensible pettiness, wild pigs loose in the woods, and amazing gossip. People will have screaming matches over a new Starbucks and everyone knows that the mayor's kid is selling whip-its on the side. What a wild time.
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trashy moments

Trashtacular Moments of Startling Garbage-osity

The world is full of surprises.
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funny tumblr thread on there only being one bed

Tumblr Thread: The Very Real Cliché Of Bed Scarcity

It actually happens in real life.
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the sopranos parody zoo orangutan lol amazing silly funny - 107813633

The Sopranos Intro But With An Orangutan

There's just something about an orangutan driving a golf cart that makes life worth living. As much as James Gandolfini was compared to a gorilla in his life, we at least like to think that he'd appreciate a literal ape reprising his role in one of the most iconic title sequences ever. The Zoopranos.
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35 weird cars | thumbnail left and right weirdly shaped and constructed vehicles

Full Tank Of Weird And Unusual Cars For Peculiar Vehicle Enthusaists

Weird and unusual is our middle name
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9 images of cheese close up | thumbnail image of two cheeses side by side title "macrophotography of cheese"

Mouthwatering Macrophotography Of Fine Cheeses

Siri take me to the closest cheese shop
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skillfully made creations of bad and weird taste

Impressive Creations of Absurd Taste

Totally normal, not weird things.
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The strangest facts people know

The Weirdest Facts People Know

Everyone has a prized fact.
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interesting and artistic creations with not much taste

Impressive Creations of Dubious Taste

People are definitely creative.
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wtf cringe photoshop amazing win animals - 16061701

43 Animal Photoshops That are Abominations of Nature

This is not what nature intended.
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amazing photoshop wins

26 Amazing Photoshops That Will Surprise Your Sister

Make sure to show these to her.
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Resilient trees growing in and through many things | tree growing out of a SPEED LIMIT 25 sign branches coming out from the top of it | small tree plant growing from a crack in the pavement

Resilient Trees that Don't Give A Heck

They are literally incapable of caring.
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Dog on farming equipment says "Oh Yeah"

Dog Lets Out an "Oh Yeah!"

Oh Yeah.
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Ridiculous entitled people and their absurd demands. | Hi want get my lashes done with but just wanted say first don't want talk during appointment due fact clearly do not like as person just like work and work only need an appointment tomorrow morning put down 10 AM | ate here first time tonight brisket probably best ever had but found an entire LEAF my baked beans cannot make this up So glad enjoyed brisket guessing never seen bay leaves food before? If see them future can rest assured is sign

Entitled People With Their Childish Demands

It never stops.
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