lawyer charges company for using his work sample on real case

Lawyer Applies To Scam Job, They Use His Work, He Successfully Charges Them For It

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twitter thread on vision and saccades

Twitter Thread on Saccades Explains That Human Vision Is Made Out of Lies

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absolute units

Absolute Units Whose Bigness Knows No Bounds

Uncompromising size.
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Titanic rescue story tumblr wholesome

Tumblr Thread: The Carpathia Titanic Rescue Is A Direct Line To The Feels

Toot toot all aboard the feels boat.
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tumblr user's funny dog story

Tumblr Thread: One Dog's Terrifically Long List Of Shenanigans

That's a smart dog.
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cool woodwork

Sweet Woodwork That's A Real Treet To Look At

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interesting facts

Freaky Facts That Are Difficult To Believe

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tumblr thread on bread fraud

Tumblr Rises To Explain The Rich, Flakey History Of Bread Fraud

Bread and lies.
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Photos Baby Secretary Bird and Shoebill Stork | A collection of photos of amazing unusual birds

20 Photos of Highly Unusual Birds That Are Amazing to Behold

Reddit's r/ PicsOfUnusualBirds subreddit has been the site's Top Growing community today. The subreddit hosts a menagerie of photos of some highly unusual feathered friends, and they range from absolutely amazing to Orwellian-Horror levels of terrifying. The subreddit has been exploding in popularity as users flock to the subreddit to stare in awe at these fowl photos. The Shoebill Stork is one such bird that I wouldn't want to meet down a dark alleyway. The bird has been a popular topic of dis…
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absolute units and big things

Absolute Units That Put This Small World To Shame

Now that's at least a Banananana.
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guy takes advantage of rewards program

Dude's Stupid Cookie Loophole Becomes Real-Life Infinite Money Glitch

Take that, The System.
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intelligent outsmarting moves

Brilliant Moves of Highly Variable Effectiveness

There's the smartness.
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Karen bullies dock workers in Mexico and gets a burrito thrown at her

Infuriated Dock Karen Upset She Can't Rent Stranger's Boat, Gets Covered In Burrito

There's no coming back from that one.
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funny not my job fails

"Not My Job" Moments That Left The Hard Stuff To Someone Else

Close enough.
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stupid things people said

The Dumbest Things People Heard Out Of Another Person's Mouth

Why are people like this.
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times people took one for the team

Selfless Times People Took One For The Team

Take those back pats.
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