People share their craziest tequila stories and these are absolutely ridiculous.

36 People Share Their Craziest Tequila Stories

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People share their craziest drunk black-out stories.

37 Drunken Degenerates Share Their Craziest Black-Out Stories

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10 Drunken Idiots Who Let Thirsty Thursday Get the Best of Them

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alcohol FAIL drunk trolling - 1558277

Guy Discovers Drunk Bro Passed Out On His Car, Proceeds to Snapchat Troll Him to Oblivion

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Watch This Guy Pull Off Two Amazing Beer Tricks Without Even Spilling a Drop

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Liquor Store WIN

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alcohol FAIL gross Video - 82985985

Is Marshawn Lynch's Supposed Favorite Drink the Worst Tasting Drink?

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Everything a Pregnant Mother Needs in One Location

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poll alcohol booze list ice cream food win - 1006085

The Delicious Future is Here: Your Next Happy Hour Order Should Be Two Scoops (or More)

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We Get It You Chug-Vape... Wait, What?

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Surprise Your Body Once in a While

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Cocktail Hour is the Trump Card

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alcohol drunk parenting family birthday cake mom - 931333

Tough Love Mom Makes Epic Birthday Cake in the Form of Daughter's Drunk Vomit Photo

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Drink and Ride Responsibly!

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alcohol jagermeister bartender Video win - 81528065

This Champion Bartender Can Pour 17 Jägerbombs at Once

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Bad Way ToLearn Your Phone Isn't A Bottle Opener

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