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The Only Way to Make a Drunk Monkey Story Better is to Give it a Knife!

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Drunk Soopping IRL Can Be Dangerous, Just Use Amazon

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One Drink in and This Makes Evern More Reasonable

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How Quickly Can You Open and Chug a Beer Without Any Tools?

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Wet T-Shirt Contests Just Got a Lot Hairier

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Irish People Taste Test American Beers and They're Shockingly Accurate

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Another Way to Smuggle Booze Onto a Cruise

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Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon Play a Drinking Version of Plinko

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Someone Didn't think About That One

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Bob's Burgers Pays Tribute to Christmas With an Ode to Liquor

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Irish People Taste Test Irish Whiskey Vs. American Whiskey

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Adventurous People Try Daring Shots, So You Don't Have To

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Fitness Quotes Paired With Drinking Photos are Ready to Inspire a Night of Heavy Drinking

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Giving Them Ideas FAIL

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Women Are Not On The Menu

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Good Knight

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