commercial Ad lol silly funny hearing aid - 107610113

Hearing Aids Ad Is About As Funny As Hearing Aids Ads Get

It takes a bit of a turn.
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Weird things people tried selling on craigslist and online marketplaces |  Treadmill sander 50 image 1 3 This is treadmill used as sander installed 100 grit sanding belt on works great as substitute drum sander or large belt sander used flatten an end grain cutting board | Pealed Cucumbers Filled With Hotdogs $175 Listed over week ago Knoxville, TN Send seller message Hi Gavin, is this still available? Send Message Save Share More Seller Information See Profile

Strange Junk People Tried Selling Online

What a deal!
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Meth prevention ad for South Dakota.

South Dakota's New Anti-Meth Campaign Slogan is "Meth. We're On It"

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ad disappointment and the products were not like that

30 Disappointing Times Things Did Not Look Like the Ad

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funny craigslist add for a boring car

Hilarious Craigslist Ad for Most Boring Car Ever Is a Masterclass in Salesmanship

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craigslist missed connection that saved a man from suicide

Man's Soul-Stirring Missed Connection Craigslist Ad Will Smack You In The Feels

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brutally honest craigslist ad for van

Funny Dad Sells Van With Brutally Honest Craigslist Ad

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advertising Ad wins stranger things durex netflix win - 4909573

24 Clever Advertising Wins that Make It Seem like Corporations Have a Soul

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Time to Wax Your Balls

Ad FAIL innuendo sexy times dating - 8985297152
Created by Unknown

Seems Like a Fair Trade

Ad vasectomy funny newspaper - 7569420288
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millennials donald trump

Donald Trump's Children Posted a Headshot Ad Targetd to Millennials But The Only Thing People Saw Was How Creepy They Looked

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Product Placement Fail

Ad FAIL energy drink placement product yikes - 8811047168
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Thanks for the Negative Discount!

discount Ad FAIL price math - 8583178240
Created by eeezoe

They Always Say To Date Your Best Friend

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Mark Just Saved Your Marriage

Ad browser history Hall of Fame history marriage pr0n - 5227596800
Created by Unknown

Go Back to That Fresh, Pre-Natal Look!

Ad product - 5243919616
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