Her Grandfather Was 1/128th Korean

Ad advertisement asian race We Are Dating - 5125397760
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Jack Daniel's: Promoting Terrible Decisions Since 1875

Ad bad decisions billboard jack daniels sister whiskey - 5797940992
Created by Unknown

Fresh Fighters

Ad Dave Grohl foo fighters gifs - 6331744512
Created by Unknown

Creepy Bread Men FAIL

Ad food innuendo p33n wtf - 5524730880
Created by pete

OMG Liek I Hav NOO Idea!

Ad cookies miley cyrus pop up swag yolo - 6492499200
Created by Unknown

Ad of the Day: This Interactive Honda Civic Type R Ad is Absolutely Brilliant

Ad mind blown cars - 8364133888
Via HondaTheOtherSide
Ad nice Video g rated win - 58320129

This is the Only Scotch Commercial That Will Make You Cry

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Ad super bowl english facepalm - 174853

Newsflash: People With No Understanding of the English Language Hated Coke for Not Using English in Their Super Bowl Ad.

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This Broken Billboard Goes Through a Trippy Color Test

Ad billboard pretty colors trippy - 8015723008
Created by Unknown

The Best of the Worst of Photoshop This Year

Ad photoshop sign - 7993888000
Via Photoshop Disasters

What Photoshop is Really Trying to Sell You

Ad photoshop parody - 7948744704
Via Reddit

Maybe Not the Image of Beauty They Were Going for

Ad derp funny makeup - 7926290688
Created by beernbiccies

The Worst Thing You Could do on the Road

Ad facepalm funny sign - 7935149312
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We Want it, Man!

Ad accidental sexy funny newspaper - 7821424896
Created by Unknown

Wait, Is That Ben Stiller?

Ad vodka liquor funny - 7824818688
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That Ad Is Downright Iconic

Ad ymca - 7819343872
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