Nicki Minaj Is Watching You Watch Rockwell

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Where Did Spiderman Just Come From? FAIL

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WIN!: Anti-Smoking Campaign WIN

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Music FAILS: Are You Raw Enough to Handle the Realest Drum God?

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Insensitive YouTube Ad FAIL

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Facebook for Your Kyoot Kittehs

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Music FAILS: What You Can do With the Money You Don't Spend on Nickelback

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All You Had to Do Was Look Up Her Gender and Relationship Status

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So, Wanna Hang Out?

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"Thank You, FAIL Blog"

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Wanted: CEO (Chief Executing Officer)

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Wow, That's a Pretty Crappy Offer!

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Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's an Ad for REAL Punk

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FAIL Nation: What Does That Say? FAIL

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Copy Editor FAIL

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FAIL Nation: Photoshop FAIL

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