woman uses boyfriend to fund school and breaks up with him as soon as she becomes a lawyer

Woman Milks Boyfriend For Tuition, Dumps Him After Graduation, Gets Called Out During Speech

Tricksy, tricksy.
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out of touch things people said

The Most Absurdly Out Of Touch Things People Have Heard

It’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost, $10?
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entitled people

Entitled People And Their Terrifically Shameless Demands

Look at em go.
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spelling mistakes

Spelling Failures That Shouldn't Even Have Been Written Down

Speeling is hard.
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strange, funny and bad reasons people were fired

Dumb, Absurd and Just Wild Reasons People Got Fired From Their Job

Really dude?
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not my job moments

"Not My Job" Moments That Could Use Some Work

It's something.
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weird date stories twitter

Twitter Users Share The Strangest Things They've Seen Dates Do

There's gotta be a better way.
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revenge that was too effective stories

People Share Times Their Revenge Was Too Effective

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woman's coin revenge is thwarted by employee who counts them all out

Employee Reverses Customer's Coin Revenge By Counting It All Out

There's two sides to every coin.
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petty things people did

Wildly Petty Moments That Really Escalated Things

Yeah, that's petty.
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Karen complains to IT, tantrum gets recorded

Karen Freaks Out On IT Over Standard Procedure, Whole Call Gets Recorded

Good one, Karen.
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sketchy choosing beggar tries paying in exposure and gets rejected

Sketchy Choosing Beggar Offers Pay In Exposure, Gets Treated Like The Clown He Is

Interesting strategy, dude.
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funny blursed images

25 Blursed Images Of Concerning Hilarity

There's definitely something going on here.
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funny tweets from twitter

Funny Tweets From The Wide World Of Twitter

It's big.
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scary and weird warning signs

Terrifying Signs That Make Us Want To Turn Around

Don't go in.
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sugar free helicopter mom upset that her son had birthday cake

No-Sugar Helicopter Mom Demands Parents Punish Their Child For Giving Her Son Cake

Oh boy.
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