stupid things people brag about

30 People Share The Dumbest Things That People Brag About

"Oh I love that for you."
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entitled people

Terrifically Entitled People Who Made The World An "Exciting" Place

Absolutely amazing.
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things that are surprisingly dangerous

Things That People Don't Realize Can Seriously Mess Them Up

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dumbest excuses people gave for cheating

30 People Share The Dumbest Excuses Cheaters Gave Them

Gold medal Olympian for mental gymnastics
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woman picks mother to be in room during birth over husband

Expecting Mom Chooses Her Mother To Be In Delivery Room Over Husband, Doesn't Understand Why He Is Upset

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toxic workplace stories

30 Times People's Clueless Bosses Tried to Solve Morale Issues with Punishment

Brilliant solution.
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funny times people were singled out

25 Hilariously Specific Times People and Things Were Singled Out

Take that, John.
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"they weren't kidding" stories

33 People's Dumbest "Oh No, You're Not Kidding" Moments

Uh oh.
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employee told to forget everything they know, can't help boss when everything falls apart

Employee Fired, Told To Forget Everything They Know, Blows Up In Ex-Boss's Face

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client hates video and gets refund but still tries to use it

Unhinged Client Gets Refund For Video, Still Thinks They Can Use It, Gets Shut Down

Dude, give it a rest.
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embarrassing stories

25 People Share The Most Embarrassing Moment They've Witnessed

People remember this stuff.
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weird things people did visiting someone's house

Wild Junk People Had To Do When Visiting Someone Else's House

Uh, cool.
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scary signs

Scary Signs That Aren't Messing Around

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woman says she must be naked for her mental health, even in front of visiting mother-in-law

Woman Insists On Being Naked In Front Of Visiting Mother-In-Law, Thinks She's Being Reasonable

Wasn't expecting that one.
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petty reasons people stopped dating

30 People Share The Pettiest Reason They Stopped Dating Someone

It's like one big Seinfeld episode.
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employee story of Karen boss who banned hearing aids

Karen Boss Forbids Employee's Use Of Hearing Aids, Employee Can't Hear Anything, Obviously

Who could have guessed? Not Karen.
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