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Pierre McGuire Being Extremely Awkward With A Sports Announcer

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wholesome tech support story helps woman who didn't have TV box installed for over a year

Wholesome Tech Support Helps Lady Who's Been Brushed Off For A Full Year

Doing the lord's work.
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bad tv shows people saw

The Worst TV Shows People Have Ever Seen

Television tastes are subjective, sort of.
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TV gets damaged in transit, so company proceeds to lose millions | r/ProRevenge Join u/Champion5 3y Damage my TV transit and deny claim? No more shipments Not sure if this is "Pro" quality but some have asked post this here since they think is. 10 years ago moved my job had forgot about one my TV's back home and asked my dad ship on my companies account since they paid my move couple days later delivery driver Shipping Company drops off box heavily damaged so didn't sign He waited while

TV Gets Damaged In Transit, Company Loses Millions

Should've just coughed up that money.
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Interesting facts about the television show The Simpsons | Krusty Clown supposed be revealed be Homer Simpsons secret identity but idea dropped being too complex two clowns with green hair in purple shirts

Intriguing and Perfectly Cromulent Simpsons Facts

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cringey TV news reporter attempts to speak in slang

TV News Reporters Try To Be Hip

Yeet, yeeeet.
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People share what game show and reality TV tapings are like | Pickitline Wheel Fortune have get there at 5 AM where draw straws with other contestants decide will film. They film entire week episodes 1 day. Pat Sajak is incredibly friendly and interacted with us on every break wheel is HEAVY

What Reality and Game Show Tapings Are Like

It's show business, baby.
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Things people are fans of but are ashamed of | WreckNRepeat 13.6k points 1 day ago 1984 s probably my favorite book, but never met another person whose favorite book is 1984 who wasn't completely insufferable.

Things People are Ashamed to Be Fans Of

Liking something can get complicated.
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Guys pitch Rick Moranis show and it wins contest

Guys Win Pitch Contest with Rick Moranis Concept

You can get a lot done waiting in line.
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Guy messes with his noisy neighbor's TV until his neighbor smashes it | r/pettyrevenge Posted by parkesc Loud Neighbor Gets Silenced started my sophomore year college (over 2 decades ago guy who moved into dorm next just stereotypical meathead jock who kind overweight. And turns out, he shitty neighbor. Two things about these dorm rooms: 1 walls were rather thin. Not only did hear every decibel his loud music and TV, but one night he brought some girl home with him some fun whole

Guy Tricks Noisy Neighbor into Smashing His Own TV

Desperate times...
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TV and movie villains who people sympathized with | JackwhitesLiteBrite 12.2k points 15 hours ago Doc Ock not saying sooner rob bank than beg grant money, but get where he's coming .

Villains Who People Sympathized With

Imagine landing a sweet new security guard gig just as James Bond strolls into town.
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Ellen Degeneres catches audience member stealing

Ellen Calls Out Audience Member For Stealing

Should've played by the rules.
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Guy shares tons of facts that were left out of Tiger King show, in Twitter thread | Thread Robert Moor @robertmoor_ anyone currently bingeing #tigerking on Netflix spent four years working on podcast and long magazine story about Joe and Carole spent week living at zoo spoken with almost everyone seeing doc, and attended trial. Ask anything! 1:23 PM 3/21/20 Twitter Web App 3,728 Retweets 13.4K Likes

Twitter Thread: Wild Facts Left Out Of Tiger King

The list of irredeemable characters goes on.
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Strange, messed up and dark moments from kids tv shows | LifeIsBizarre 7.6k points 17 hours ago Henry tank engine bricked up inside an abandoned tunnel having anxiety while Ringo Star mocked him.

Kinda Messed Up Crap On Kids TV Shows

Looking back, some of it seems a little off.
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The full scene from the anime of the title sequence in Malcolm in the Middle.

The Scene from that Anime in Malcolm In The Middle

You're not the boss of me now.
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Cartoon logic and plot holes that don't make sense | are Spongebob's sleeves attached ? wide shiny eyed spongebob squarepants wearing his krusty krab hat and holding a spatula in one hand and a bucket in the other | So did they have hair or not? lisa and bart simpson skeletons with their skulls shaped like their hair

Moments of Cartoon Logic that Make Perfect Sense

Sure, we'll go along with it.
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