How Many Yards Of Denim Is That?

chair denim fabric heavy Party Photo - 6019763968
By Unknown

Monday Thru Friday: It Scares The Scientists

g rated monday thru friday Photo photography sign - 5948045568
By Unknown

Hold It...Hold It!

camera Photo - 5926629376
By meganeguard

Yearbook Quotes WIN

clever family heartwarming Photo yearbook - 5844173568
By Unknown

It's a Metaphor

KISS not what it looks like Photo wedding - 5741576448
By Unknown

Roll The Dice

hair Photo school witty reply - 5745917440
By TheS#!t I see

Probably Bad News: Photo Juxtaposition WIN or FAIL?

headline juxtaposition news newspaper Photo potus Probably bad News - 5737339904
By Unknown

Angle of View FAIL

camera Photo photography - 5556122112
By Unknown

That Was a Quick Never

drama oh snap Photo relationship tagging - 5293688576
By Unknown

The Look of a Stone-Cold Killer

Awkward Family Photo hair Parenting Fail Photo portrait school picture They Said - 5526385408
By Unknown

Collage WIN

collage digital lion nature Photo snake urban - 5493113600
By Unknown

Criss Angel

mistaken identity Photo trololo - 5495661056
By Sara

Some Friends Are D-Bags

bathroom friendship Photo puking toilet woo girls - 5460477952
By Agdgdgdwngo

Take Your Top Off

Hall of Fame juice naked Photo pun - 5423969792
Via laughablesh*

Dat Nostril

cameraphone Photo sexy - 5368053504

A Wrong Number Becomes My Interior Decorator

dogs facebook Photo picture wrong number - 5364119040
By Unknown