Sweet Mystery of Nature!

facepalm grasshopper Photo wtf - 5209207040
By Kennardo

Underwater Keg Stand? Nothing Bad Could Happen!

beer bro keg stand Photo underwater - 5172852224
By northm

Wat Do?

I see what you did there Photo spam - 5173279488
By Stephen Johnston

The Utter Devastation

earthquake Photo warning - 5121863936
By Chevex

All the Way WIN

bridge camera Photo photography trick - 5063576576
By Duvmasta


creepy parents Photo wtf - 4995176192
By Mitchell Waterman

Roller Coaster Photo WIN

Photo - 4961643520
By fandf89

Completely Relevent News: Celebratory Photo WIN

celebration newspaper Photo sperm - 4962801152
By Unknown

Earth from Space WIN

earth Photo space space is rad space shuttle - 4942274560
By Suke-Kun

Looking Tough FAIL

chuck e cheese embarrassing gangster g rated looking tough Photo - 4976618496
See all captions By Unknown

Skinny Asian Girls

Photo witty reply - 4941197824
By Elise

Amusement Park at Sunset WIN

amusement park Photo sunset - 4914869760
By Unknown

Relaxing Photo WIN

Photo relaxing vacation water waterfall - 4918191104
By Unknown

Photography WIN

cool Photo the beach the ocean water - 4913185792
By sixonefive72

Photo WIN

beach Photo the ocean - 4888900352
By Unknown

"Hugs" ;)

pedobear Photo - 4885982976
By Helllllllllllo