Meet Buttdog

Photo fail nation g rated - 7129828608
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Great Author's Indeed!

author literature Photo g rated School of FAIL - 7044772608
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Mouthful FAIL

timing dude parts Photo not what it looks like - 6902010880
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Prank Artist WIN

Photo prank perfectly timed - 6773522432
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Speedy Service FAIL

sign Photo photos bathroom - 6643391232
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The G(hett)oPro HD

camera digital camera GoPro Photo photography - 6585091328
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How Far Wood You Go for the Perfect Shot?

camera Photo photography tripod - 6584078592
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compilation Photo stop motion Travel Video - 40462849

Photo Compilation WIN

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The Life Behind the Facebook Photo

instagram Photo - 6450068480
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"I'm Cute Too Ya Know?" —The Cat

baby cat Photo - 6419956736
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Did I Forget to Mention My Third Hand?

camera hand magazine Photo picture pregnant - 6368966656
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Cool Crew

dogs girls Photo - 6382931456
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The Most Expensive Photo in the World

ebay Photo shoes - 6327854080
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There I Fixed It: Go-Pro? I Don't Think So

camera digital camera g rated Photo there I fixed it - 6310690560
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Saaaaaay "Tesseract!"

hulk iron man Photo The Avengers Walgreens - 6286672640
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Profile Pic FAIL

mirror Photo - 6202173696
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