A collection of the most ridiculous reasons that adults threw temper tantrums. | fermenttodothat 2d My dad started yelling at self checkout because kept telling him put things back bagging area.

Most Ridiculous Reasons Adults Threw Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums can happen to the best of us.
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An entitled influencer thinks that exposure is equivalent to payment. | Hey manager messaging earlier telling were looking hand drawn portrait? yeah can start cos need this ASAP

Entitled "Influencer" Thinks Exposure's Payment

Nope, that's not how it works.
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embarrassing awkward stories people witnessed

Painfully Embarrassing Moments People Witnessed

That's rough.
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Dude's security question ends up resulting in a very awkward moment with a customer service representative.

Dude's Security Question Results In Awkward Moment With Customer Service

A humbling moment, for sure.
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rich people being out of touch

Twitter Users Describe Their Encounters With Rich People Being Wildly Out Of Touch

Good idea, let's go to Paris.
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A Karen customer insists on being wildly unreasonable, and then ends up getting her rightful comeuppance.

Karen Customer Insists On Being Totally Unreasonable, Pays The Price

Karen should've just played nice.
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A collection of highly questionable design fails.

Highly Questionable Design Fails

Upside down world vibes.
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The crazy kinds of things that people's neighbors did to be labelled the "crazy neighbors."

People's Craziest Neighbor Stories

Hopefully none of these people ring any bells.
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CIO Karen buys the wrong software, won't admit it, pays 5x the service hours needed, and ends up getting fired.

CIO Karen Buys Wrong Software, Won't Admit It, Pays 5X Service Hours Needed, Gets Fired

Karen's stubbornness was her ultimate undoing.
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People describe the reasons that they quit their jobs on the first day.

Reasons People Quit Their Jobs On The First Day

Life's too short to put up with a maniacal manager.
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the worst Christmas gifts people received

The Worst Christmas Presents People Received

Ho ho ho.
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leonardo dicaprio jeff bezos cringe Awkward lol - 107599617

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Not Interested In Meeting Jeff Bezos And His Girlfriend

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People describe red flags that they picked up on for problem roommates.

AskReddit Thread: Red Flags For Problem Roommates

It shouldn't be so hard to get a good roommate.
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An enraged guy claims that he doesn't use water, but he also takes showers.

Guy Complains About Utilities Bill, Claims To Not Use Water, Takes Showers

The sheer lack of logic is all in the headline on this one.
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Santa hotline funny cringeworthy video

"Talk To Santa" Hotline Is A Cringeworthy Mess

Santa has seen better days.
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old people making funny mistakes on social media

25 Old People On Social Media Who Tried Their Best

Technology is hard.
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