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A Message From Some Old Hippie

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Didn't See That Coming

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And You Will Be Here For ALL OF IT

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What if Your Teacher Was Jigglypuff the WHOLE TIME

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A Teacher Can Make a Dumb Mistake Using a Smart-Classroom Projector

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Did an English Teacher Become a Tattoo Artist?

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High School Student, Teacher Applying For Same Summer Waitressing Job

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They Don't Say It, But They're Thinking It

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Peed There, Don't Care

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Tell Me How You Really Feel

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Way to Go Teacher

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When Your Professor Doesn't Even Know How To White Board

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Go For the Good Grades

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Should I Ask My Teacher My Question?

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Student wins art contest to spite teacher | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/ADrunkenScott My teacher called my work bad and my attitude even worse then got featured biggest art gallery country. oC L might not be right sub, my art teacher said wasn't good enough so worked my damn hardest prove him wrong is summary. Context school go is well respected my country, so not uncommon venues request display students work or ask students sing live them. On occasion question largest art

Student Wins Art Contest to Spite Rude Art Teacher

Motivation can come from anywhere.
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The Difference Between Seniors and Freshmen

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