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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Ho Upgrades Her A's To B's In Just 4 Years

Via MahirSaggar

You Wouldn't Want Your Test Score to be 007

Chemistry james bond puns school - 7896911360
Created by freegirl

Are You From the Middle Ages?

history funny puns g rated - 8255520000
Via Iklegemma

He's Probably an Electrician

puns science funny resistance g rated School of FAIL - 8295525632
Via Brittbax

Thanks A Lot Public School Education

Via DavidFowlerMusic

Must Be Some Fancy Bacteria

bacteria culture science puns g rated School of FAIL - 7892330752

Maybe This Time He Won't Eat It

dogs school puns - 7859532032

But They Sure are Close!

puns - 7897931520
Created by xyzpdq1

Einstein You Joker, You

puns light science funny - 7983457536

Whoa, Now That's Schiff-Based!

drunk funny science puns - 8177660160
Via Mistress of Science

Oh Science, You're Full of Puns

art puns science funny - 8096594944
jokes puns Chemistry funny Video g rated School of FAIL - 69862401

You Need More Chemistry Jokes in Your Life

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He Doesn't Know Anything

puns sodium science funny - 7828111616

That's One Tiny Duck

sub atomic duck says quark
Via Nadiajayy

Right Through the Cell Wall

cells puns science prison - 7140807424
Via None of Your Bismuth

A Science Joke Only Your Dad Would Tell

bad joke funny science light puns photons - 7965567488
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