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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Scientists Are Terrible at Doing Drugs

scientist trips over acid
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Anyone Else Get Turned on From Bill Nye?

bill nye science puns sexy periodic table - 8015784960

Damn You Science Puns

wtf puns periodic table science irony funny - 8420458240
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Time To Find Someone More On Your Plane

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Puns Must Be in Their Genes

puns science biology - 7958240256

Bruce Banner Cites His Sources

image signs school Bruce Banner Cites His Sources
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The Science Puns...They're Killing Me

Chemistry horrible funny science puns - 8203829760
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You Know She'd Be a Great Representative

poster funny puns - 8323367424
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Cats Love Physics

string theory and knitting
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Keep Cool Brutus

school history puns - 7864869632
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Teachers Love Their Puns

bones anatomy funny puns teacher - 8351184128
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A Sexual Success

class funny puns - 8205895424
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That's One Tiny Duck

sub atomic duck says quark
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Archeologists Are Great at Dating

forever alone funny puns dating - 8250029568
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We All Have Our Roles

base acid puns Party science Chemistry School of FAIL - 6870171904

Magnum Pi

puns funny - 7446430720
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