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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Boo This Pun, Please

Chemistry science puns texting - 8169727488
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One Positive Attitude

funny science puns - 7992162304

He Wants To Establish a Constant Relationship

science puns image He Wants To Establish a Constant Relationship
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Teachers Love Their Puns

bones anatomy funny puns teacher - 8351184128
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A Model of the Nickel Atom, or The Nickel-ous Cage

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Complete Your Fam-Square Faster!

Complete Your Fam-Square Faster!
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Now to Determine the Plant Sentence

literal plants puns So Much Pun test humor - 6610832640
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Cats Love Physics

string theory and knitting
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Puns Must Be in Their Genes

puns science biology - 7958240256

Iron Man's Favorite Ride

Chemistry funny science puns - 7898060288

Anyone Else Get Turned on From Bill Nye?

bill nye science puns sexy periodic table - 8015784960

Art Teachers Love Puns

art color funny puns teachers g rated School of FAIL - 8092122624
school puns prom funny Video dating - 37382

Teens Charged With Livestock Theft in Effort to Make a Pun Based Prom-posal

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25 Hilarious Senior Quotes That Should Count for College Credit

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Nice Job on the Sign, Math Nerds

sign puns math - 8313198848
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More Like DISabelisaurus!

puns dinosaur science funny t rex g rated School of FAIL - 7859445504

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