School of Fail


How Do I Analogy?

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And That's How I Failed English

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Gee. A Good Question

english grammar your youre - 6584529920
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Irony FAIL

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Get It Write

swearing english School of FAIL - 6888272640
By savannamia

English Lit 400: The UK Has Had Its Fair Share of Amazing Writers

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Star Wars Adjectives!

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My English Teacher's Plants Are Not Cared For

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We Can Assume it Wasn't the English Teacher

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By indigo.parrish

Better than Twilight

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By Unknown

I Do?

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Typical 5th grade reading..? Wait, Capt. Harry WHAT??

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By MonsieurHolcomb

Ugh, This Hurts My Brain

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By Unknown

Must Have Been a Second Language

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To Kill a Mocking Bird

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Insperational Poetry

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By datoneguy24