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No, No I am Not

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We Can Assume it Wasn't the English Teacher

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By indigo.parrish

Fight English

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English Test?

wtf english test - 7585207808
By s980090d
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Learn Grammar Newb!

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Teaching English Is Easy

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English Lit 400: The UK Has Had Its Fair Share of Amazing Writers

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tumblr goes into how messed up learning other languages can be

This Tumblr Thread Highlights How F*cked Up Languages Are

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How Do I Analogy?

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Yay English

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By ty_ty_of_jamaica

Must Have Been a Second Language

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American Lit Dilemma

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By sr15bill

English Grammar, Make it Stop

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By anselmbe

Learn Grammar While Drinking Coffee

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It's Spelled Engeni... DAMMIT

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