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Thug Notes: MacBeth

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I Hope It's Not Your English Teacher...

sign english wrong teacher - 7098776576
By Sammy_The_Lazy_Lolcat

So That's What They Mean

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By Unknown
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Learn Grammar Newb!

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I Before E, Except After C

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By Whiteoverblue

English Lit 400: The UK Has Had Its Fair Share of Amazing Writers

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By Unknown

The Greatest of Majors

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Via For Lack of a Better Comic

My English Teacher's Plants Are Not Cared For

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Via Ginger Schanpps
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To Kill a Mocking Bird

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I Have Seen The Future, And It Has Mochas

coffee english graduate Hall of Fame Starbucks the future - 5720585472
By Unknown

Hamlet Is Just a Genius

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By Unknown
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Just What Is "Begging the Question"

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Latin 110: There's a Reason It's a Dead Language

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By Unknown


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By Unknown
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The Grammar Slam!

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Always Proofread

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Via Bonefide Meat