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Astronauts Don't Need Pants

comics astronauts funny - 7790470144
By Unknown

Too Much Science to Sleep

comics superheroes hulk sleeping funny - 8293395200
Via Blue Dog Eyes
Pun Funny illustrations that describe things literally - Cover image woman pushing cart with many windows in it and captioned 'Window Shopping'

These 13 Illustrations Of Literal Idioms Are Literally Funny

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No One Goes to College To LEARN

college comics procrastinating - 6206876416
Via Invisible Bread

We Don't Need Any of Your Artsy Nonsense

comics science biology g rated School of FAIL - 7120301568
Via Beatrice the Biologist

Wait So You're Saying My Liberal Arts Degree Isn't Useful After All?

comics terrible xkcd - 6201814016

The Battle Continues

art comics funny science - 8198449920
Via Bird and Moon

Electrons Make Terrible Friends

comics science funny web comics - 7817684736
By Unknown

Wisdom From Rabindranath Tagore

comics writer quote - 7844990720
Via Zen Pencils

No One Is Above the Law

comics physics law funny science - 8005528064
By Unknown

Air Pressure Is Creepy

comics science funny - 7755521280
By Unknown
a teacher trying to explain something but the class just doesn't get it. Comics done by Colm Cuffe

A Primary School Teacher Draws His Teaching Experience In Hilarious Comics

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Perhaps It's Best Not to Study History

history comics study funny - 8369218048
Via Hexag1

So That's How They Pick Astronauts

nasa comics Astronomy funny - 8396802048
Via The Gentleman's Arm Chair

Damn You Bully Edison!

comics edison science tesla - 6538971904
By Unknown

College Humor: Graduation is a Tough Time for Anyone

college humor comics graduation - 6234371328
By Unknown
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