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Bugs Have Some Odd Thoughts

bugs wtf thoughts comics science funny - 8211255808
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Hogwarts Should Teach Science

Harry Potter comics science Hogwarts - 7346391808
Via Twisted Doodles

Essay Writing is Such a Useful Skill!

homework comics endless origami essays - 6874736896
Via Endless Origami

There is No Hope, The Dodecahedron has Spoken!

comics destiny - 6256564480
Via Incidental Comics

The Science of Thor's Hammer Mjolnir

Thor hammer comics mjolnir science - 8376293632
Via Wired

We Don't Need Any of Your Artsy Nonsense

comics science biology g rated School of FAIL - 7120301568
Via Beatrice the Biologist

What Is Love? What Is Science?

cyanide and happiness comics love science funny - 8186344960
Via Cyanide & Happiness

You Are a Multitude

bacteria comics funny science - 8092092672
Created by Unknown

Air Pressure Is Creepy

comics science funny - 7755521280
Created by Unknown

The Most Brilliant Book

comics books brain science funny - 8347303168
Via Very Mint Comics

What a Great Science Project

comics science funny - 8134117632
Via Cyanide & Happiness


toothpaste for dinner stahp comics - 6795287040
Via Toothpaste For Dinner

Schrodinger Had a Gambling Problem

comics funny science - 7936556800
Created by Unknown

Didn't Learn Anything...

comics math funny - 8423293184
Created by hckondos ( Via GoComics )

The Difference in Documentaries

britain comics funny science usa - 8198452736
Via Robin French Art

I Love Logic Problems!

comics xkcd logic - 6766562304
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