School of Fail


The Most Brilliant Book

comics books brain science funny - 8347303168
Via Very Mint Comics

Electrons Make Terrible Friends

comics science funny web comics - 7817684736
By Unknown

Astronauts Don't Need Pants

comics astronauts funny - 7790470144
By Unknown

Essay Writing is Such a Useful Skill!

homework comics endless origami essays - 6874736896
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Didn't Learn Anything...

comics math funny - 8423293184
By hckondos (Via GoComics)

The Difference in Documentaries

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Via Robin French Art

Will do Calculus for Food

jobs comics calculus science - 7381491200
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I See Your Textbook Is at the Bottom of the Stack

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By Unknown

Close Enough

evolution birds comics science funny - 8119353600
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The Greatest Words of Wisdom Ever

Words Of Wisdom doghouse diaries comics - 6674524672
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So That's How They Pick Astronauts

nasa comics Astronomy funny - 8396802048
Via The Gentleman's Arm Chair

What Is Love? What Is Science?

cyanide and happiness comics love science funny - 8186344960
Via Cyanide & Happiness

Know Your Previous Winters

comics science winter funny - 8020178688
By Unknown

I Love Logic Problems!

comics xkcd logic - 6766562304

There is No Hope, The Dodecahedron has Spoken!

comics destiny - 6256564480
Via Incidental Comics

Yep, Definitely Heredity

why are you short if your parents are tall
Via Timelord at Hogwarts