School of Fail


No One Is Above the Law

comics physics law funny science - 8005528064
By Unknown

How the Science Channel Really Works

comics funny science TV - 8306998784
a teacher trying to explain something but the class just doesn't get it. Comics done by Colm Cuffe

A Primary School Teacher Draws His Teaching Experience In Hilarious Comics

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The Science of Thor's Hammer Mjolnir

Thor hammer comics mjolnir science - 8376293632
Via Wired
Web Comics of parenting rules and the theoretical science behind it

The Science Of Parenthood in 18 Hilarious & Brilliant Comics

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Truly a Pit of Hell

comics playground education - 7133099008
By Unknown

So That's How They Pick Astronauts

nasa comics Astronomy funny - 8396802048
Via The Gentleman's Arm Chair

No One Goes to College To LEARN

college comics procrastinating - 6206876416
Via Invisible Bread
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