Poorly Dressed


Nice Cans

beard boobies crossdressing package skirt wig - 4310453504
Created by cyanidemartini

A Novel Way to Guarantee Some Personal Space on the Subway

poorly dressed skirt Subway g rated - 8080886784
Created by Unknown

Rock & Roll Will Never Die

guitar pink rock and roll skirt - 5868992512
Created by Unknown

Not Much Wiggle Room With a Skirt That Short

motorcycle skirt too short - 5103461888
Created by Unknown

The Case of the Disappearing Underwear

bar Hall of Fame skirt underwear - 5268658176
Created by kDAVR

Baby Got Too Much Back for That

skirt tear underwear - 4754033152
Created by Unknown

Ruffled In The Front, Smooth In The Back

fashion pants ruffles shorts skirt - 6015245056
Created by Unknown

Make Everyone Do a Double-Take

panties poorly dressed skirt - 8296080640
Via Acid Cow

A Tiny Skirt to Match Your Tiny Purse!

dress purse short skirt whoops - 6261250304
Created by Unknown

Each Doll Belonged to One of Her Enemies

Barbie belt dolls skirt - 4886237440
Via laretrouvailles.tumblr.com

This is Why We Enforce a Dress Code

cross dressing dress skirt - 6181833984
Created by Unknown

He'll Bring You to Heel

cross dressing military skirt tutu - 5111614464

Even the Parrot Is Embarrassed

skirt stroller - 5075773440
Created by diablosv41 ( Via a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net )

I'm Surprised TSA Let Him Through

airport cross dressing shirt skirt - 5806778368
Created by Unknown

You Can Totally Work in a Skirt

poorly dressed skirt - 8434405376
Via Izismile

Is That A Discman?!

cross dresser skirt sunburn weird - 4354219264
Created by Unknown