Poorly Dressed


Ever Wanted Semi-Permanent Striped Leggings?

poorly dressed skirt sunburn stripes g rated - 8211142144
Via martamarie

Is That A Discman?!

cross dresser skirt sunburn weird - 4354219264
By Unknown

Skirts are So Weird These Days

skirt tear whoops - 5986201600
By Unknown

Go Go Gothic Corset

corset cross dressing leggings platform shoes skirt - 5125995776
By Unknown

Entourage: You're Doing It Wrong

boots old skirt - 5068972032
Via Izismile


skirt tube top - 4133107200
By Unknown

Going For The G.I. Jane Look?

leggings military skirt - 4371066624
By Unknown

This Is Scary In So Many Ways

paint skirt wig wtf - 4424505600
By Electrichaze

Baby Got Too Much Back for That

skirt tear underwear - 4754033152
By Unknown

Each Doll Belonged to One of Her Enemies

Barbie belt dolls skirt - 4886237440
Via laretrouvailles.tumblr.com

And That's Only His Workwear...

cross dressing heels leggings skirt - 4780797696
By Snake73

He's a School Girl From the Waist Down

band kilt skirt tie - 4158221056
By bdubdu

Not Much Wiggle Room With a Skirt That Short

motorcycle skirt too short - 5103461888
By Unknown

Give Her Back Her Skirt, You Cruel Cruel Man

couples cross dressing leopard print park skirt - 5091311872
By Unknown

You Scared Mrs. Sasquatch

beard crossdressing long hair skirt - 4289846272
By Unknown

Just Because You're Scottish Doesn't Give You Any Excuse

cross dressing heels leather skirt - 5143814656
By Unknown
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