Poorly Dressed


Shouldn't the Cat Be on the Front?

leopard poorly dressed skirt leopard print - 8340849664
Via Izismile

Each Doll Belonged to One of Her Enemies

Barbie belt dolls skirt - 4886237440
Via laretrouvailles.tumblr.com

Looking For Office-Appropriate Star Wars Clothing?

etsy monday thru friday poorly dressed skirt stormtrooper - 8333023488
Via GeekyU1 Etsy Shop

Will Give You Teeth For A Nickel.

ghetto skirt teeth tooth fairy - 5907276544

Give Her Back Her Skirt, You Cruel Cruel Man

couples cross dressing leopard print park skirt - 5091311872

A Tiny Skirt to Match Your Tiny Purse!

dress purse short skirt whoops - 6261250304

Healthy Thugs 4 Life

gangsta Japan skirt - 4251119872

30 Pounds of Butt in a 20 Pound Butt Capacity Skirt

booty eww skirt wtf - 4297822976
Created by darth_vagina

What Are You Supposed to Be?

beard boobies costume Fringe leggings skirt - 4275062016

Real Cheap, We Swear

crossdressing get a shirt skirt - 6097505792

Ruffled In The Front, Smooth In The Back

fashion pants ruffles shorts skirt - 6015245056

This Is Scary In So Many Ways

paint skirt wig wtf - 4424505600
Created by Electrichaze

Poor Fashion Coverage: Should Have Used Some Cover-Up For Your "Manly Stubble and Chiselled Jawline"

cross dressing heels news skirt top - 4843137792

When Easter Comes, I'll Be Hiding Under the Bed

bunny pink rabbit singer skirt - 5256231168
Created by maxystone

A Novel Way to Guarantee Some Personal Space on the Subway

poorly dressed skirt Subway g rated - 8080886784

Hike It Down a Notch

no pants pantsless skirt - 5092331264
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