Poorly Dressed


I'm Finished Eating Her Pants, I Must Now Move on to My Lanyards for Sustenance

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Isn't it What's on the Inside that Really Matters, Though?

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Super Cute Pants!

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And I Be Like "You Making Me Buy Two Seats Already"

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One Douche To Rule Them All

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I will talk about pants until the cows come home

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Mam, I Can See Through Your Pants

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Team Rocket-ing Into Horrible Fashion Trends

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Tear-Away Pants: Not Just For Working Out Anymore

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Good to Know

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Tired of People Telling You to Tuck in Your Shirt?

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Artoo Grew Some Legs, But Now He Needs Some Pants

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Cat Hair Goes With Everything

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For the Lazy Bro

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I Hope It Makes You Feel More Secure

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