Poorly Dressed


You Can't Stop the Sass

e card pants sassy troofax true facts - 6287215360
Created by Unknown


DIY feathers pants tacky - 3416093696
Created by Unknown

Lookin' Good, Ladies

swag pants 80s - 6955740416
Created by Unknown

MC Hammer would be proud

pants - 5675304448
Created by Unknown

They Be All Like "You Need Pants to Shop"

best of week bikini fat Hall of Fame lady bits oh god why pants poorly dressed - 6511942400
Created by Unknown

Cutoffs? Yes? No?

cutoffs jeans pants shorts - 6282344448
Created by sarah

The Best Reason Men Shouldn't Wear Jeggings

fashion pants skinny jeans jeggings - 7860364544
Created by anselmbe

Sisterhood of the Unicorn Pants

pants unicorns funny - 7486561280
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Now What Do We Have Here?

badonk colors neon pants what - 6321187584
Via No Way Girl

Childhood Memories, Now in Pants Form

Via ThinkGeek

Are Those Your Church-Going Jeans... Cuz They Be Hole-y

pants butts - 7360005888
Created by Unknown

Classic: Gets Me Every Time

bewbs bra classic lady bits pants poorly dressed store - 6478419200
Created by Unknown

Wanna See Me Take Off My Pants?

pants magic - 6763793920
Created by Unknown

M.C. Hammer Called...

hipster London pants stupid - 4349279232
Created by tonique ( Via www.hel-looks.com )

I Didn't Realize You Were Santa Claus Until I Looked Down and Saw Your Ankles

coat pants - 4707492352
Created by Unknown

Pajama Jeans: Douchebag Edition

jeans pajamas pants - 6248473600
Created by Unknown
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