Poorly Dressed


Sometimes Less is More


Maybe She's Born With It...

eyebrows makeup sharpie - 6595242752
By emily

About 90% of The Face Is Made From Synthetic Polymer

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Via www.guardian.co.uk

Someone Take Away This Girl's Beadazzler Before Somebody Gets Hurt

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By Unknown

The Marks Under and Over the Eyes and Under the Lip Are Signs of a Deep Thinker

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By Unknown

How Do I Makeup?

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By Unknown
makeup men gender bender tutorial Video - 54605825

Watch Three Men Try To Do a Smoky-Eye Makeup Tutorial

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If You Like Poison so Much Why don't You Drink Some?

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By Unknown

Bearded Lady Makes A Pizza

cross dresser makeup pizza weird zebra - 4612454400
By Unknown

Your Hair Has Slid Backwards

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By lablover23

Soul Patch? We've Got a Marker For That

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By Unknown

Need Eyebrows? Just Draw Them On

makeup poorly dressed eyebrows - 8282094080
Via Awesomely Luvvie FB Page

This Tanning Craze Has Gone Far Enough!

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By Unknown

Welcome to Being a Teenage Girl

fashion makeup teenagers - 7984738816
By Unknown

Pucker Up!

makeup eyelashes - 7386906112
By Unknown

It's Your Turn to Clean it This Time

monday thru friday makeup poorly dressed - 8282162944
Via breakfastpastry
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