Poorly Dressed


Nightmare Fuel: Makeup Edition

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Someone Take Away This Girl's Beadazzler Before Somebody Gets Hurt

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Plus, Multiplication, Exponential, Close Enough

Barbie makeup oh god why - 6247489536
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Nice Disguise, Lips

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Don't Get Distracted, Look Her in the Eyes

creepy gross illusion lips makeup - 6369384192
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The Only Reason To Apply Effort Before Leaving the House

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Not your everyday nuns

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Why Anime Is Best Left On TV

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About 90% of The Face Is Made From Synthetic Polymer

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These Eyes Are So Spoopy

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You Wanna Know How I Got This Makeup?

juggalo makeup wedding - 6357747200
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Take Note, Ladies and Gents

burn e card Hall of Fame makeup ouch true facts - 6192092672
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Some is the New None, and None is Done

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Merber shers bern wit ert

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Eyebrows FAIL

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