Poorly Dressed


Just Sayin, Ladies

fast food jacket - 5783505920
Created by Unknown

The Jacket Was Just a Distraction

jacket FAIL surprise prank fall - 7654417408
Created by Unknown


eww jacket pants - 4199885312
Created by leeny10

Training for the Matrix

jacket - 7782844672
Created by Unknown

For the Sleeping AND Walking in Our Lives

Via Bits and Pieces

Perfect Match

chips jacket matching poorly dressed - 8328231168
Via mrodr448

This is What Happens When You Roll on the Floor of a Theater

candy celeb gross jacket leather - 6079615232
Created by Unknown

Does This Come in My Size?

jacket poorly dressed coat Cats - 8409519872
Via Izismile

The Whitest Gang

black converse gang jacket white - 5806896896
Created by Kiki__

This Girl Is A Real Puzzle

jacket make up piercings puzzle scary - 4505827840
Created by Unknown

The New Uniform of Photobombers

photobomb jacket poorly dressed - 8204871936
Via tagged_by_thuy

Who Ya Gonna Call?

jacket poorly dressed Ghostbusters - 8323227392
Via theCHIVE

Try Your Iron at a Lower Setting

jacket runway wtf - 6684254976
Created by Unknown

A Bet You Will Always Lose

jacket poorly dressed pants parenting mom - 8148866304
Via Pleated Jeans

Two People Seemed to Think it Was a Themed Prom...

classy jacket pimp prom retro suit - 6257874944
Created by Unknown

Muppet Fur is Murder!

fur jacket muppet pretty colors rainbow - 6476004608
Created by Carly ( Via Modcloth )
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