Poorly Dressed


Amish Punishment is Weird

amish hat jacket leaves plants wtf - 4270365440
By Unknown

This Girl Is A Real Puzzle

jacket make up piercings puzzle scary - 4505827840
By Unknown

Now That's a Vintage Jacket

jacket poorly dressed vintage g rated - 8293034496
Via howmuchyoutalking

Awesome Assassin's Creed Jacket?...

jacket - 6582560512
Via Fashionably Geek

Now Your Pet Can Stay Dry AND Stylish

dogs jacket poorly dressed - 8295178496
Via @Bigrobneath13

The Cheezburger Varsity Jacket

cat cheezburger g rated Hall of Fame jacket kitten poorly dressed - 5868992768
By Unknown

Nothing's More Punk Than Celine

punk jacket celine dion Music g rated - 7818762240
By Unknown

Clearly This is Fashion

see through fashion jacket - 7863440640
By Unknown

Hipster or Hobo?

beard hipster hobo homeless jacket - 4490894592
By Unknown

Perfect Match

chips jacket matching poorly dressed - 8328231168
Via mrodr448

Perfect For When You Want to Blend Into the Background

chair jacket poorly dressed matching - 8433532928
Via Izismile

So Cold...Better Leave My Jacket On

jacket gym poorly dressed no pants coat - 8399366144
Via Izismile

Dressed to Win: Who needs a backpack when you have this jacket?

jacket winter weird - 5658226944
Via Scottevest

Not Exactly a Hero in a Half Shell

jacket poorly dressed - 8347501312
Via theCHIVE

Which Make-Believe Animal Does This Come From?

Via Mickey's Girl

Is Your Jacket Secretly a Work of Art?

art jacket matching poorly dressed museum - 8437027328
Via BeeOhCee
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