Poorly Dressed


Taking "Poodle Skirt" To A Whole New Level

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Created by Heh

Dayum B*tch! Who Do Your Hair?

wig dogs - 6759840512
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Cutest Stormtrooper Ever

costume dogs star wars poorly dressed stormtrooper Princess Leia g rated - 8334918400
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Who Looks Better in a Sweater?

dogs vest christmas sweaters - 6854176512
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Giraffe Print is In, Right?

costume dogs poorly dressed giraffes - 8150977792
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If You Love Someone, Let it Show

dogs pug t shirts poorly dressed g rated - 8240454400
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Gentlemen Prefer Pugs

dogs pugs animal costumes poorly dressed g rated - 7067526144
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Bootsy Collie

boots dogs - 6901025024
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Just A Unicorn Walking His Dog

unicorn beach masks dogs - 7400852736
Created by Viperie

I'm Revoking Your Plastic Surgery Privileges

animals breasts dogs fake - 5296849152
Created by Unknown

Never Furget

dogs fashion military - 6359876608
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The Wheels on the Bus Go "Woof Woof Woof"

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Four Beats Two, She Should Have to Change

shoes matching dogs - 7795377408
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Yeah...She Loves It...

dogs poorly dressed chihuahua dress - 8178720256
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Amish Beards Bring All the Ladies

amish beard dogs - 6360650240
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Like Costumes AND Palindromes?

Cats costume dogs poorly dressed - 8336382720
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